Loving Eclipse Professionally & My Husband Personally

February 14, 2010 Marriage 0

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Go Year of the Tiger! Can’t wait to see Edward propose and for the scene between Edward, Bella, & Jacob when they’re up in the mountains in the tent. It’s going to be awesome, I hope.

Also, a nice little picture of what my long distance husband got my friend to deliver to me while I am at school today. It’s very sweet, although I’m definitely not a flower girl, the gesture in itself is sweet, and sometimes a girl needs sweet. I also that it was cute the way he asked me to be his valentine, because I believe that, just because you’re with the person, doesn’t mean they are automatically your valentine. You still have to ask, it’s only right.

vday flowers

So I hope everyone has a wonderful, romantic, and lucky day/new year!

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