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February 13, 2010 On My Mind 0

I started this thing on Twitter where I’ll be posting fantastic songs, and links to download them if possible, that can be found in some of my favorite shows. Songs help bring a scene to life and give it meaning. There have been so many times I thought as I was watching a dramatic scene, “wow, that song totally fits, I love it and I have to know what it is”. I’m sure many people feel the same way, so I decided since I literally go on the vigilant hunt to find the song as soon as I’ve heard it, I figured, why not share it with people who are probably looking for it too. Also, if I’m able to provide the song for fans to download, that just makes it even better. It’s like, I kind of found a niche. I never really know what to focus on when I write a blog or tweet on Twitter. I love Twilight, so I became staff at a few fansites. I love books, so I want to try writing reviews about that, but considering my lifestyle, I hardly have the time to do it, which sucks. I love editing movie clips, so I started a page on Youtube and have edited some home movies and shots of my friends, which turned out awesome, but again, not much time for that nowadays. And I’ve always loved TV and my collection of favorite shows just keeps getting larger so I thought I could write about that. But many people already do, so I do what I can with that, just something to fill the void I suppose.

Now music, it moves me. A good song can help you get through a bad day, make a good day better, and relate to you in ways nothing else can. And I love how music directors can always find the perfect song for a scene. Definitely something I’ve gotten a passion for lately. I’m calling it “Song of the Show”, like word of the day or talk of the show. I thought it was unique enough. I also uploaded some music via which is an awesome file sharing site. Let’s see how this goes!

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