The ABC’s of Me

March 26, 2010 On My Mind 2

Got this idea from Liberal Granola Girl. Definitely a fun idea worth spreading around.

A- Age: 24
B- Bed Size: Queen
C- Chore You Hate: Cleaning the toilet =/
D: Dog/Pet’s Name: Don’t have any pets, but if I did, I’d name him Baclofen, or Fennie for short ^_^
E- Essential “Start-To-Your-Day” Item: Checking out the latest news & games on my iTouch
F- Favorite Color: Pink, Baby Blue, & White
G- Gold or Silver: White Gold please =)
H- Height: 5′ & proud of it!
I- Instruments You Play(ed): piano (like all Asians tried once, haha)
J- Job Title: Medical Student =/
K- Kisses or Hugs: Kisses from my Hubbi & BOTH from my daughter =)
L- Living Arrangements: Currently in an apt while away for school, but have a house back *home*
M- Mood: Bored & Lonely =(
N- Nicknames: TuffChic, Vi3tbabe, Vivian
O- Overnight Hospital Stays Other Than Birth: None
P- Pet Peeves: arrogance, weakness, & crying (just not much of a crier)
Q- Quote From a Movie: (not a movie but one of my favorite quotes) Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.
R- Right or Left-Handed: Leftie Loosie
S- Siblings: 2 brothers & 1 sister
T- Time You Wake Up: anywhere from 7-12 =) (don’t sleep until 2-3 anyways)
U- Underwear: Comfy in anything, or nothing at all 😉
V- Vegetables You Dislike: ALL- Proud to be a Secondhand Vegetarian –> Cows eat grass, I eat cows =)
W- Ways You’ve Run Late: I prefer to be early or at the most, punctual
X- X-rays You’ve Had: Chest & teeth
Y- Yummi Food You Make: I make a mean spicy fried noodle dish =)
Z- Zoo Favorite: Elephants! (love how they use their trunks)

*If you’re reading this then you’ve officially been tagged, so have some fun with it!* =)

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2 Responses to “The ABC’s of Me”

  1. Katie

    I hate cleaning the toilet, too! We definitely share the same least favorite chore.

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