Feeling Better & The Countdown Continues

April 6, 2010 BG1, Blog Related 0

Yesterday was a nerve-wracking day for me because Baby Girl was being put to sleep for the first time EVER to get some dental work done. Now I know it may seem minor to most people, but the way I see it is she’s only 5 years old, this is her first time, and her mother is not there to support and take care of her. My heart was literally aching for her and I wished so badly that I could be there for her. Luckily my mother and my husband were both there to tend to her, which is great, but still, it kind of gets to me inside since “I’m supposed to be the mother”. In the end the dentists took care of everything and she seems to be in the clear for now. Seeing her yesterday on skype was like torture since she looked so sad and weak. I can’t imagine how parents of really sick children handle it, it breaks my heart.

princess beads

Today, however, she is bright, alert, and happy that her daddy bought her another princess toy, haha. So, yes, I’m feeling much better today and as you can see, if you’ve visited before, I’ve given my page a MAJOR make-over, which I am loving at the moment. I get so tired of looking at the same thing over and over again so I felt like I needed a change and this works, for now. If you’re new here, I hope you like the look and I welcome all comments and suggestions.

The countdown, FYI, is to Disney World. Only 19 more days and I’ll be able to hold my Baby Girl and enjoy some much-needed family time. Just got to get through these exams first!

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