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April 5, 2010 On My Mind 0

I’ve finally made it down into the teens of this countdown until the end. 19 more days of hell before I get to enjoy life with my family again and take that magical trip to Disney World! Of course, I’m going through hell right now. So many things going on around me, a million thoughts going through my mind, and all this stuff I need to take care of; it makes you want to crawl into bed and just sleep the days away. But I won’t, because I’m an adult, and “you gotta do what you gotta do”.

The next few weeks will be pretty hectic I suppose, and I’m definitely feeling the stress coming on, although I’d probably be equally frustrated if I was in this predicament:


Haha, this was just a ridiculously hilarious picture I came across and I just had to work it in to one of my posts. =)

Anyways, my Clinical Skills exam is on Wednesday. It’s a little daunting since I’ll have to perform a scenario, where a patient comes in with a “chief complaint” and I have to figure out what physical exam to do. Then there’s a room where I’ll have to perform a Cardiovascular exam on a mechanical model and diagnose the condition he has, which is probably the area I’m most confident in since I’ve been practicing a lot with my group and I’m fairly trained in it now. Finally, there are two rooms that will either contain two physical exam tasks that I’ll have to perform, or an images room where I’ll have to diagnose the patient based on a set of images. It seems simple enough, but once you’re in that room and the proctor is staring you down, you tend you forget a few things that you know you should have done. I do get somewhat shaky under pressure, but hopefully I can pull through and at least get a decent score to pass.

Next week is my 3rd exam for all my classes, which won’t be so bad, I hope. I’m mainly focusing on one subject, which has been my weakest one throughout the semester. Hopefully I can pull through so I won’t be so freaked out when it comes to the *cumulative* final I’m supposed to take the week after. That’s a FULL day of testing which includes material from all the semesters. It does prepare you for taking the Comprehensive exam, which I need to take in May, but still, it’s a thought that can make some people feel the stress.

I’ve also been on a financial planning high, trying to make sure I’m saving correctly and getting all my affairs in order. I’m very good with money, but I know that I could be better and I could learn to play it smarter when it comes to purchases and planning for my future. I’m looking into high-yield savings accounts at the moment and when that is taken care of, I’ll need to research Life Insurance and I plan on investing in an IRA. I’m trying to make some big changes in my life so that my family can have a better future. Hopefully things will work out and I can develop a secure and well-organized financial plan because right now, I feel like my life is a mess, haha. I’ve noticed, however, that there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything anymore. It’s so strange because time used to move so slow for me and now everything is flying by me so quickly, it’s a little intimidating. But then again, it’s nothing I can’t handle 😉

On a lighter note, I’ve started this new thing/topic on my Twitter called “#ShowLines” where I’ll tweet memorable lines from some of my favorite shows. Most of the will be funny, but others will simply be lines that stand out in an episode or within the season, so that every time you read it or hear it, you know where it’s from. Writers come up with the greatest lines and I just wanted an outlet for that and since I didn’t want to create a separate Twitter account for it, I thought the best thing to do would be to make a so-called “Trending Topic” i.e. “#ShowLines” was born. I made sure I found a hashtag that no one else was using and so far it seems to be generating some buzz. In any case, I like the idea and I’ll keep doing it because I just love my shows and their writers, absolute geniuses in creative writing. Here’s one of my favorite lines from the dearly departed show Scrubs, and it was also the first line I tweeted to start it all off =)


Until next time!

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