The Home Stretch & My Funky Cycles

April 18, 2010 BG1 0

Well, I’m down to the final week. My final exam is on Thursday and then that’s it. Just a matter of days until my family flies down and we get to be together for a month and a half. It’s so close I can feel it. Just got to get through the next few days and then I’ll be in paradise.

I can actually hold Baby Girl and kiss her whenever I want. Hubbi and I can finally start TTC again and hopefully make some progress with that. We get to go to the Happiest Place on Earth for a whole week and make some memories. I might be able to go on a shopping spree for a more professional-looking wardrobe! It’s all so exciting and I really want time to fly by.

I was feeling very anxious and worried lately because my practical exam didn’t go the way I wanted, but after I grieved it and talked to the professor, everything worked out and I’m feeling better. My exam last week went well too, better than I thought, so really, I’m just enjoying the ride right now and waiting for the good to come.

I also realized, after looking at the Fertility app on my iTouch, that my cycles seem to be doing this weird thing where I’d have two somewhat normal cycles (anywhere from 35-50 day cycles), then there would be a really, really long stretch of a cycle (both were actually 79 days exactly) where I’d lose my mind and such. So basically, I’ve had 6 cycles in the last year since going off the patch and after recording each one and then looking at my stats, this is what I’ve seen. Hopefully, with the one year mark approaching, this means that my cycle will finally get back to normal and that I may be ovulating again.

What really sucks is that my insurance doesn’t cover me while I’m in Miami so I don’t think I can afford to go to a doctor and check if I’m ovulating. Thinking about it now, I really should have gone home for at least a week, that way I could have taken care of all my health issues, because there are a lot that have started to creep up on me lately. I have so much to take care of that it’s driving me crazy. It makes me more crazy to know that I can’t even take care of it because I’m not really home. On top of that, I’ve started looking into financial planning, like an IRA, life insurance, and investment banking to help secure my family’s future. All that can be nerve-wracking and I’m basically at the start of a long & treacherous road that I have to go down, but I’m worried I can’t handle it.

Can my body really take another 3 months of neglect since I won’t be HOME until August? What am I going to do if during the Hubbi’s stay here in Miami, we don’t make a baby? Will I be able to figure out a way to secure my family’s financial future?

So many questions…so little answers!

6 more days…

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