It’s Finally April

April 1, 2010 On My Mind 1

The month has finally come. The home stretch. The end of this gruesome, tedious, and difficult chapter and the beginning of an exciting, more gruesome,and even more challenging chapter is about to begin. Friday will be my last day of classes, hopefully forever, and then I have my Clinical Skills practical exam on Wednesday, which I was practicing and reviewing for, AT LENGTH, today. Then I have to study for my subject exams and FINALLY, my cumulative Final Exams, which is quite daunting and I only hope I retained something over the past year.

After all that is said and done I will happily await my family making the trip to Miami and we will journey to the “Happiest Place on Earth” for a whole week. Some much-needed family bonding and memory-making is in high order and that is the thought that gets me through the tough days. More stuff to come, but I can update with that as it comes.

This week has been quite busy for me, with classes coming to an end, the professors are piling it on and not holding anything back. Everyone is getting more anxious and stressed and I can feel tensions rising. An exciting incident to note was that I had to attend the hospital yesterday for one of my ward rounds, and I got to work in the OB/GYN ward. The doctor was very helpful and insightful and being in that atmosphere, seeing the pregnant ladies, newborn babies, and terrific women in labor, just helped solidify my goal to become an Obstetrician. I simply adore pregnant women and their big bellies, despite the hormones and complaints. I love knowing that there is a living person growing inside them and I love being able to hear its heart beat and track it as it grows. I love seeing the newborns latch on to their mothers when breast-feeding, such a natural thing, and seeing them open their eyes and squirm around; even if they are still crinkly and newborn-looking (because, let’s be honest, babies only look better with age, haha). I wasn’t even squeamish as I saw the doctor perform a pelvic exam and I was eager to learn their techniques and skills so I could apply it later on in life. When I look down there, I don’t see a vagina, I see another part of the human body that I need to examine, treat if needed, and one day, help deliver a baby out of. I can’t wait until I can do my rotation in OB/GYN. I LOVE BELLIES, BAJINGOS & BABIES! =)

Tomorrow begins a, hopefully, less-stressful day. Maybe I can take the afternoon off and relax before I get stressed again, maybe? I really want to look into more about finances. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I think it might be a good idea to start some kind of investment. I really need to start thinking about life insurance, retirement, and other investments to help secure my financial future for me and my family. Who knows what tomorrow brings? I really need to do what I can to make sure my family is protected and that all this time spent in medical school and training in the hospital doesn’t go to waste. I also need to brush up on the latest medical news and familiarize myself with relevant topics of interest related to my future, as it is quickly approaching. After all this is said and done, the BIG test is coming, the Comprehensive Exam; and then the EVEN BIGGER test after that, the USMLE, which decides my fate as a medical doctor. Aiya, all that just sounds so daunting, I think I need to go to my happy place and get some peace!

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