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May 5, 2010 Blog Related 0

Okay, I’m liking this change. I’ve decided to move my media page to its own hosted site and have reverted this page back to its original purpose, my own personal blog. I like the new design, very simple and personal so it’s perfect, and hopefully I won’t get bored and change it. My new site is coming along very well, it’s hosted by The Fansites Network, which is awesome, and I”m hoping I can put aside enough time to develop that site because I really have a passion for it.

I still have so much left to do, videos to make, and I really need to update my celebrity site. If only I could find a reliable co-web to help me, but I don’t think anyone wants to do it. Oh well, I’ve learned to take care of things on my own anyways. I’ve also got more Twitter Interviews in the works, I need to post more on my Examiner page, and on top of that, I need to really start studying for my Comp exam, which is May 20th.

Time is really flying by, and I’m not one to usually say that! I’m loving life with my family here and Disney World was a blast. So many things happening it’s quite crazy, but I’m a skilled multi-tasker and things hae been worse, so it’d nothing I can’t handle.

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