Am I Even Ovulating?!?!

May 30, 2010 BG1, Marriage 0


If you haven’t noticed by now, I have decided to delete my Twitter account specific for this blog, (ForMyBaby), only because I feel I don’t give it enough attention and I really wanted to consolidate everything into just my main Twitter account (vi3tbabe). I’ll still be baby blogging, hopefully one day I’ll have a baby to blog about!

Anyways, update. It’s been amazing having my family here with me in Miami. Just these past few days we’ve been to the beach and then the water park, where I got majorly burned (dam you Mr. Sun)! It was fun though, haven’t been in the water in FOREVER, even though I’ve been right by the ocean for the past two years. I’m not much of a beach person, more of a chlorinated pool person, but even then, I’m too lazy to go to the pool unless I have to.

The Hubbi and I have still been trying to conceive, with no luck, and will keep trying until we get there. I’ve been practicing the art of “not planning” & “not stressing” although I don’t know how that is working out. Less stress and by not thinking about it is supposed to help the baby-making process, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m suffering now though, while AF is visiting, but she is almost ready to leave and then we will try again. I only hope we can make it this time as Hubbi & Baby Girl will be leaving in a few weeks. I keep joking that I’ll have to make the Hubbi fly down here every two weeks or so in order to procreate, but at this point, I may have to be serious about that!

It sucks because I have no idea if I’m even ovulating and I have no money to go to the doctor & my school’s insurance has a $200 (?!?!) deductible so either way I’m screwed (with no baby to boot!). They say you have to be unsuccessful for a year before consulting a fertility specialist and even though it’s been a year since I’ve been off the patch, it’s only been a few months that the Hubbi & I actually been together long enough to try. It gets me really frustrated and I keep telling myself that “the time will come, just be patient”, but my patience is wearing thin…

Just give me the Clomid already! (why can’t there be OTC ovulation drugs?!?! haha)

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