It’s My Birthday & I’ll Pimp Myself If I Want To

June 9, 2010 On My Mind 4

So today marks my 25th Birthday and I have to say I’m filled with all kinds of mixed emotions.

I’m so happy for many reasons: my family is here to celebrate with me, my friends were kind enough to send me some gifts (or try to at least, haha), so many people offered birthday wishes (flooded my blackberry & I LOVED it), and I was recognized, if only for one day (or tweet, rather), by some very famous people. It started off at midnight when the Hubbi & Baby Girl wished me a happy birthday w/hugs & kisses. Hubbi just had to make sure he tackled all the fields and sent loving birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter, and text message (while I was in the room, mind you). Such a good man, you can’t help but love him! Baby Girl just loves shouting to the world that it’s her mommy’s birthday (and my age too!), which makes me only love her more! Then the notifications, mentions, texts, and emails came rolling in. I was in heaven, and I made it a point to let everyone know how grateful I am that they took the time out to say Happy Birthday. It’s a simple gesture, yes, but it means a lot to me that people do it, so I like to let them know. I mean to reply or RT everyone that tweeted me on Twitter. I either “liked” or commented on everyone on Facebook. I responded to all the text messages and had decent conversations with all the phone calls. Some of my best friends managed to ship some things down here for me and surprise me with gifts, which was so amazing and thoughtful, if I could cry I would (haha). All in all, it was an amazing day in the personal front. On a high note, I have recently fell in obsession with “Pretty Little Liars” (TV show) and I follow the cast on Twitter. I was truly blessed to have them give me a birthday shout out, which easily made this day even more awesome, and one I will never forget. I know it’s a small thing, but again, it’s the small things that count.

I’m also sad for so many reasons: I’m not in my hometown so I couldn’t spend the day with my girlfriends and family, I’m another year older & getting closer to the BIG 3-0, I’m still w/o child (although that discussion is best left for my other blog), I didn’t really DO anything specific for myself like I usually do, and the day is almost over. I definitely would have liked to be home right now so I could have had dinner with my whole family, surrounded by people I love and who love me, just having a great time. Being away for so long makes you really appreciate those precious moments you have with your loved ones, and even though if I’m around them for an extended period I’d get sick of them, I really do miss them terribly. It would also be nice to spend some quality time with my girls. The ones I’ve known for over 10 years, who know the ins & outs of me and vice versa. I’d especially like to see my best friend and godsons, who I miss so much. Yes, I’m 25 and getting older. Sure I’m wiser, more mature, and can now LEGALLY rent a car on my own, but that doesn’t take away from the lost youth and shed those unsightly pounds I hate so much yet couldn’t help but gain over the years. 25 is definitely a marker that tells you you’re getting old! Usually I would treat myself to a nice shopping spree or buy myself something big for my birthday, but with so many more important things I need to take care of, bills and all, and something else I’m saving up for, I had to forgo this year’s ME DAY and just call deal with it. I am sad that the day is over and things will go back to normal.

I’m not complaining though, I had an amazing day, it couldn’t have gone any better considering, and I love days that make me re-realize that I am blessed, which today did. However, tomorrow everyone will have moved on and I’ll have to wait another 365 days to get the celebrity treatment again…but I guess that’s what makes it worth it =)

Oh, btw, check out this awesome PIMP CUP my Hubbi got for me because I’ve been asking for it for the longest time and he knows how I like to be called babe =) Love that man!

pimp cup
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