Baby Girl #2, My Joy, My New World

October 21, 2010 Pregnancy Diary 2


Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog entry! I’ve been soOoOo out of the loop, not really into the online thing anymore (going thru a down-time pd), been studying for my COMP exam (which I failed before, sigh) and trying not to go crazy with that, getting used to being back home (back for good, yay!), and then getting lost the fact that I am pregnant!

p test

Yes, I found out I was pregnant in July only because I was about ready to go out to celebrate my friend’s birthday, and of course, drinking would be involved, so I had to check to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I was highly doubting it, given that I’d been disappointed many times before, but there it was! I had to take to pregnancy tests to make sure and then I went to the doctor to make extra sure, haha. I was very excited and still am.

Now I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy and loving every moment of it. Oh, and yes, I am having another Baby Girl, haha. I have to admit, it was a little disappointing at first, considering how I’ve wanted a boy for so long, but the doctor said she’s healthy & everything’s normal, so I’m happy. I quickly got over myself and got lost in all the cute Baby Girl stuff and did like 3 registries already, haha. My husband is loving it all too, he’s just blessed to be surrounded by females! She’s been kicking up a storm for the last few weeks, which is the best feeling, and I just can’t wait until I meet her.

I should really start getting back into blogging and chronicling this pregnancy, and I’ll definitely try my best. I should also start participating more in the “Mommy Community” because I’d love to have other moms to connect to, since a lot of my friends don’t have kids yet. I’ve definitely been looking around and checking mommy, pregnancy, and parenting sites and seeing all the goodies.

I have to say I’m pretty content right now. If only I can get thru this COMP exam I’ll be happy!

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