Saturday Night Blues

October 24, 2010 BG1, BG2, Marriage 6

Today was quite an exhausting day. It was The Hubbi’s best friend’s engagement party, and of course, he’s in the bridal party so he was busy all day with that stuff. I was basically in the background being bored to death. No lie, it was a a great party and I’m so happy for the couple, but it would have been nice if I knew at least one person there. I also should have brought my books so I could study and not waste the day, but whatever.

It was nice spending time with Baby Girl, although she was pretty bored and I felt bad I couldn’t entertain her. I just don’t have the energy to do anything nowadays. It’s crazy, my pubic area and my back aches all the time and I get all these cramps which don’t help matters. The only highlight is that Baby Girl #2 kicks a lot, which shows me she’s healthy and I really can’t wait to see her. It’s so weird though because she kicks like crazy but when I, The Hubbi, or anyone else touches my belly she stops; then when they lift their hand up she kicks again! She definitely doesn’t like people touching her I see.

My favorite part of the night was taking pictures with Baby Girl, we were just in our seats and I had to take pictures with her since we both had our hair done, curls & all, and looking pretty. She’s always asking me to wear make up though, growing up so fast, I just don’t know how to handle her anymore! Love her to death though!

mommy daughter kiss

Her 6th birthday is coming up, by the way, and we are planning on having it at Chuck E Cheese. We invited all her friends from school, but so far no one has called to RSVP?!?! I have no idea what the headcount is going to be like and we haven’t even gotten all the invites out. I feel like I’m going to stress about it and end up spending more money that needed. Also, I’m worried that there won’t be a lot of people there and Baby Girl won’t have fun! This is her last birthday before the new baby comes and I want her to feel special and have an amazing day. I only hope people can get it through their heads that they need to RSVP and not just assume that I think they’re going to be there. More on that as it gets closer…

Well, after a long day of sitting around and feeling uncomfortable, we relaxed for some time at home and then The Hubbi wants to go out because it’s his cousin’s birthday and to celebrate the engagement some more. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, in fact, I usually encourage him to go out with his friends, it’s just that lately I’ve been craving his company. Usually I’m a very independent person and I love being alone, but it might be the hormones and mood swings that are clouding my mind and making me need another person’s company. I don’t know what else to say, just had to get it out. I do hope he has fun, which he always does with his friends, he’s such a social butterfly, definitely an opposite of me and I guess I can settle for a day full of Family time tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Saturday Night Blues”

  1. Sam Beck

    BG will have TONS of fun at Chuck E. Cheese! Just order a couple extra pizzas ’cause all the school moms will RSVP at the last minute and you just know their kids will eat like they haven’t seen food in a week.

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