Happi 6th Birthday Baby Girl

November 3, 2010 BG1 5

Today at exactly 10:15, my daughter Alyssa, my angel & love of my life, was born. She is actually 6 years old today and I can’t believe how the years have flown by. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, it was a total shocker & at the time, filled with drama (especially considering I was only 18). The joys & woes of pregnancy, I’ll never forget. I always tell people how she made me eat a whole box of Mac N’ Cheese everyday until she was born (including on delivery day!) and how ginormous my feet got while I was pregnant. Then that fateful day when it took me 15 hours to dilate 10 centimeters and push this girl out, what a day to remember!

1st bottle

Oh, the first year was filled with so many wonderful memories. I can’t tell you the amount of times we went to Sears Portrait Studio to take her pictures, our house is basically filled with her framed pictures. I made sure to record all the milestones like when she first crawled, talked, walked, at solid food, etc. I could basically fill up like 100 posts with her pictures! Every time I look at a picture, video, or think about her I can’t help but smile & my heart is filled with warmth & love.

6 months2 DSC00081

She definitely gave us a crazy ride for the past 6 years and I’m so blessed to have her in my life, as my daughter. She has always been such a good baby, never really acted out or threw tantrums, only that she was a bit shy & sensitive, which is perfectly okay. She is just one of those kids who will amaze you and win you over with just her smile, and I’m not saying that just because I’m her mother! I’m sure all us mothers out there can go on and on about the many wonderful qualities our children have, so I won’t bore you with that.


We’ve always tried to make her birthdays a very special occasion, usually throwing a big party with a specific theme, favors, etc. Her first birthday was a blowout princess-themed party. I didn’t skimp on anything, we had a huge cake with Disney princesses on it, all the princess decorations, plates, & utensils you could think of (plus a pinata), and a banner that said “Happy Birthday Princess Alyssa”. All our friends and family were there and even though she doesn’t remember it, it was still worth it.

Her second birthday was an intimate party in Chinatown with family and close friends, still a great night. Her third birthday was a house party with a homemade three tier cake and a lot of princess gifts. Her fourth birthday was another intimate one at her grandmother’s house, just family, but another great night.

Alyssa’s fifth birthday was yet another blowout, since she was a whole hand’s age now, we did it at a restaurant and invited all her friends from preschool. It was so amazing, we had games, prizes, fruit bouquets, a personal decorator who made it look very princess-like with a Princess Jasmine cake (her favorite character) and I made a DVD showcasing the past five years of her life. It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays of hers and I was so proud of the gift I made for her.

DSC02091 DSC03855 DSC04326

This year we will be celebrating her birthday at Chuck E Cheese and inviting all her friends from kindergarten. So far, most of her friends have responded and are going, along with our friends & their kids, so it should be a good turnout, fun & games for everyone. I’ll definitely be updating with how that goes.

DSC04990 DSCN2073

Personally, having Alyssa has truly made me a better person and a complete one at that. I simply can’t imagine my life without her and I wish her such a wonderful and happy birthday, and many more to come. I love you Alyssa, my angel, my heart, my world!

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