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November 15, 2010 On My Mind 5

Well, in an effort to keep it real here I figured I’d let you all in on how life will be for me in the coming weeks.

Since starting Medical School I’ve been studying abroad, away from my family, in Miami for the last two years and because of that my daughter spends her days at my mother’s house. Yes, The Hubbi would go up there everyday to feed and bathe her and spend time with her, but she was basically in my mother’s care. Now that I’m home you’d think that would change, but since she’s recently started kindergarten, we enrolled her in a very nice school in the suburbs where my mother lives, so she still spends the weekdays with her and goes home with us on the weekends. We still go up to see her everyday, but it is hard being away from her, it was harder the past two years, but still hard now.

But, my mother has just left to go on her annual month-long trip to Vietnam, which means Baby Girl will be living with us for the next month, and I can’t be happier. Sure I’ll have to wake up extra early to get her ready and drive the half hour it takes to get her to school and then drive up there to get her after wards, but it’s worth it to finally have her home. I’m sure you’re wondering why we just didn’t take her to begin with, but with me being so involved with studying for my board exams and The Hubbi working all the time, it was just better to have her live there. However, now, I have some free time in between studying so looks like tomorrow will be the start of what should have already been our lives!

Also, I’m happy to say there will be string of reviews coming up soon for some of my favorite products lately and I was also approved to do another sample review too, which I’m overly excited for, details to come. I’m slowly building up my following, which is awesome, and struggling to find my niche. Now if only I can figure out what to do for my Blogoversary I’d be all set!

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