Personal Ad – “Seeking Someone Who Gets Me”

November 14, 2010 On My Mind 3

Lately I’ve been feeling like I can’t connect with anyone and it’s driving me crazy. Normally, I’m not much of a people person, I have my friends and people I love and that’s that. I like meeting new people and making new friends, but I generally don’t get close to people very easily and I like it that way. People can be messed up sometimes and you never know their true colors until it’s too late, so it’s best to be guarded. But with these rush of hormones, I feel like I need more people around me, which sucks. The Hubbi has been great at making me feel less lonely, but he is, of course, a man, and sometimes you need a woman around who gets you, who you can relate to and such.

I want someone I can hang out with or talk to who at that same stage in life as me. She doesn’t necessarily have to be pregnant, but who revels in the joys and miseries of pregnancy, who has kids, who is married, and one who blogs or like online stuff. Most of my close friends aren’t even engaged yet or even thinking about kids, and I feel like they’re slipping away from me. Especially since I’ve been away so long, it gets hard to reconnect with people when we’re all so busy and involved in our own lives. My best friend does have two kids and she’s the closest thing to what I want, but sadly, I have to book in advance for any time with her and hope that she can fit me into her schedule. But it’s not her fault, it was just the life she was dealt, always busy and dealing with drama of her own so I begrudgingly fall by the wayside.< And of course, I don't know anyone in real life who is into blogging like I am. Sure I've expanded my horizons by joining Mommy Blogging communities and following other Mommy Bloggers out there, but I haven't really connected with anyone and I don't know if its my fault for not reaching out as much or that I don't seem interesting enough to spark a connection with someone. I see all these other bloggers who host stuff together like blog hops or do play dates and give each other awards, I'm just waiting for that stuff to happen to me. I suppose I just haven't been in the community long enough but I'm hoping that will change someday. So, for now, I'll just be blogging along my content way looking for those who get me.

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3 Responses to “Personal Ad – “Seeking Someone Who Gets Me””

  1. 1neproudmama

    You should try I have joined some pretty awesome play groups in my area through there. IT HELPS!

    PS – Thanks for the follow. I am now following you back!

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