Your Man’s New Favorite Website – SaveMyA**

November 1, 2010 Humor 2

Well ladies, never again will your boyfriend or husband say that he forgot to get you something on your birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. Not after he’s found this site at least. Entitled SaveMyA**, it is flower delivery service where men can schedule deliveries based on birthdays, anniversaries, and “Just Because” dates for their women. Besides the obvious dates, the “Just Because” dates are all random so women never know when they’ll be getting their “sweet surprise” and men come off looking like “The Man”.

I must admit, it is a clever idea, and one more men should jump on because let’s face it, men are like rocks: if you don’t push ’em, they ain’t going nowhere & they ain’t gonna do nothing! So if you casually mention this site, or leave the homepage on when your significant other happens to use the computer, no one will hold you at fault, and the guy better know how to take the hint, haha. The pricing of the bouquets are reasonable too, nothing that will break the bank so you won’t have to feel guilty for slipping this bit of information to your significant other.

It is quite funny how the site also provides a “Panic Button” for those relationships in dire need of a quick fix. The site will send a bouquet of flowers designed specifically for how bad the situation is. GENIUS!!!

Now I’m not much of a flower person, I don’t really care for the smell and they just die anyways, BUT, I do love to feel special every now and then and have people “ohhh” & “ahh” over what a great husband I have, so having him know about this service wouldn’t kill the guy.

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