Book Review: Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane

December 5, 2010 Adult Book Reviews 2 ★★★

Book Review: Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan CraneTitle: Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane
Published by: 5 Spot on April 11, 2008
Genres: Adult, Contemporary
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback
Pages: 366
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Courtney, Norah, and Raine Cassel are as different as three sisters can be. Norah, the oldest, is a type A obsessive who hasn't forgiven Raine, the middle sister, for ruining her wedding day six years ago. Raine is Norah's opposite, a wild child/performance artist/follow-your-bliss hippie chick who ran off to California. The only thing the two have in common is their ability to drive Courtney, their youngest sister, crazy.

When her longtime boyfriend proposes, Courtney decides it's finally time to call a truce and bring the three sisters together. After all, they're grown-ups now, right? But it turns out that family ghosts aren't easily defeated--and neither are first loves. Soon Courtney finds herself reexamining every choice she has made in the past six years--including the man she's about to marry--and the value of reconnecting with the sisters she knows she needs, in spite of everything.

Overall, I was very pleased with this book. It wasn’t a page-turner or an all-nighter, I’ll admit, but it was a good book. Throughout the whole book you get to see how Courtney evolves and realizes important aspects about herself and her life, also, how she comes to grips with the past and learns how to face the future. The relationship between her and her sisters can definitely be related to. Personally, I felt like I related to Norah, the older, Type A obsessive sister who wants everything to be perfect, has a husband and child, and holds on to grudges. Her sister, Raine, did cause a big scene at Norah’s wedding, which I probably wouldn’t be able to forget either. Raine, on the other hand, is one of those girls I can’t stand, but Megan Crane definitely made her a great character though. From her crazy beliefs to her very PUBLIC display of artwork, I can see how she can’t really get along with the rest of the family. She is stuck on the fact that Norah is too uptight and she believes that Courtney never reached her full potential in life. You also find some very surprising skeletons in this family’s closet from each family member, which is, I suppose, just like any family out there.

The most riveting part of the book is about Courtney and her ex-boyfriend Matt Cheney. Megan does a good job of portraying him as the typical handsome musician who you can’t help but swoon over, but also the sporadic, closed-off guy that we all hate to love. He definitely had his annoying moments, but I could see why Courtney was so smitten with him, he was her first love after all. The implied triangle between Raine, Courtney, and Matt was quite twisted and sad, making me really feel for Courtney, but still wishing she would stay with Lucas in the end because he’s so much better for her. Also, how their relationship plays out in the story really kept me going until the end. It will have you wondering if all of Courtney’s escapades, coupled with the fact that she isn’t too ecstatic about the wedding, will break her relationship with her fiance Lucas or if they will make it all work. And, another thing, I really liked the character Lucas, even though his part isn’t wasn’t that big in the book (it was basically focused on the sisters), he was definitely a sweet guy.

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