The Bump Tales – Week 26

December 2, 2010 The Bump Tales 7

It’s that time again for stories from The Bump Tales. I think I’m feeling very good. I don’t really have any complaints, I’m moving around and getting things done just fine lately, and I’m enjoying feeling BG2 move and kick. Although, there is the recurrent swollen feet, but it only happens after a really long day or sitting in one position for too long (like at work or when I’m studying too much), but it comes and goes, which is great considering the last time it was a constant force to be reckoned with. I am, however, enjoying all the attention and love from The Hubbi, who happily offers to rub my feet when they look like elephant feet (after some hesitance from me because I’m not a big fan of feet and don’t really like people looking at or touching them, haha).


Not only that, he tries to do EVERYTHING! It’s bad enough he cooks for us, he tries to wash the dishes and do the laundry! And he always asks me if I’m okay and if I need anything and happily goes and gets it for me! I mean, I know you’re all thinking “What are you complaining about girl? You’re lucky as heck!”, and I am, I do feel super lucky to have such a caring and amazing husband who loves me so much, but it also makes me feel bad and a little weak. By nature I’m a very independent lady and I’m especially not too keen on depending on men to do anything for me (childhood issues) so to have this man treat me so special is very different for me. I try to do as much as I can like fight him to do the dishes or the laundry so he can relax a little, after all he does work all day too, and sometimes I win so I guess I still retain some independence. I do feel blessed and appreciate him so much though (and I know he’s reading this so just want to say I LOVE YOU BABE!).

Hmm…I guess the only thing I really have to complain about is…look away if your squeamish…Hemorrhoids. Yes, those nasty buggers are back in full force and driving me insane! If there’s one thing I hate about pregnancy, it’s this. The feet, morning sickness, & weight I can handle, but hemorrhoids are the devil! They were definitely bad with BG1 but I think I forgot how bad because this time around it sucks monkey butt! I’m really not pleased with things in that area right now, and to spare you all the details, lets just say I’m not a happy camper when it comes to the bathroom. After a few bouts of unbearable pain and such, I started taking these pills the doctor prescribed me for the constipation and hemorrhoids so lets hope it does something for me. I might have to go out and buy Metamucil or something packed with fiber then because I’m drinking A LOT of water so obviously I’m lacking in the fiber dept. Sigh…definitely not a highlight of pregnancy!

New This Week:

– I think I’ve found my new craving for this pregnancy: OREOS. Although it’s not a strong enough craving yet, I have been eating them as a dessert everyday after dinner, haha. The Hubbi noticed that I go through a WHOLE ROW in one sitting, which is why we’ve bought like 5 in the past week! Sigh, I can feel the pounds packing on.
-My boobs are starting to pop out of my bras lately, but I refuse to buy new ones because it’ll just be a waste. Last time I just stretched out the old ones and bought new ones after the baby was born so I’m hoping to do that again this time. Just gotta wear dark colored tops and push ’em back into place whenever possible, haha.
BG2 is kicking and moving around like crazy and I still love it all. She’s definitely doing something bubbly at the bottom of my belly that I can’t really describe, haha. I enjoy her movements and kick at the top of my belly, although she does love to rest at the upper right side of my belly, making it all hard (I can basically feel her head, haha) and my tummy looks all lopsided! I guess like mommy, like daughter, because I love to sleep on my right side too!

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7 Responses to “The Bump Tales – Week 26”

  1. Thanh Nguyen

    BUBBLY feeling gotcha! i had that too. its a very unusually feeling. hahaha

    i never had swollen feet or hemorrhoids. but i definitely agree i love pregnancy! =]

  2. bitter.sweet asian

    You're def a lucky woman but he's also a lucky man to have you go through this pregnancy with such optimism and love!

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