The Bump Tales – Week 27

December 9, 2010 The Bump Tales 3

Welcome once again to another entry in my pregnancy diary, The Bump Tales. This is my last week as a 6 monther, yay, and I couldn’t be happier. Right now my belly is quite big and I’m ready to tell people I’m in my last trimester because everyone thinks I’m about to pop already! Sigh, I wish I carried small like other women, but alas, I’m a big girl when I’m pregnant.

This week the main change is that my acid reflux is back and I’ve been experiencing that very annoying and slightly painful burning sensation in my throat and a bit of reflux every now and then. The burning is basically everyday, all day, but the reflux comes and goes. At first, I didn’t even realize it coming on, I’d feel that burning sensation in my throat once in awhile and I didn’t think anything of it. But now that it’s all the time, well I have to say, I don’t care for it.

Things definitely aren’t as bad as my first trimester, where the acid reflux kicked my butt and I could barely eat or do anything because it was so painful, but still, it’s a bother. I don’t know whether to take the Tums I have or just to deal with it. For now, I suppose, I’m just dealing with it. Hoping that it won’t get too bad. It doesn’t get better or worse with any kinds of food or any time of day, just a constant sting that doesn’t leave me too happy.

Also, this whole pelvic pain thing is really starting to bug me. Sometimes it gets so bad I can barely walk right, and it definitely hurts when I’m moving back and forth in bed. I do have a doctor’s appt. next week though so I’ll bring it up there and hopefully the doctor can give me some insight, because this one is a new one to me. Oh, and I’ll be trying the new doctor too, which is affiliated with Holy Redeemer Hospital, so I’m hoping it’ll be a good experience and that I made the right choice to switch because I’ve been feeling very anxious and uncertain about it since I decided.


I have to say, sometimes I’m loving the shape of my belly and other times I just feel fat. It doesn’t look that much bigger to me, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get bigger because I’m already too big. I know, the baby is supposed to grow and all, but I’m hoping the belly won’t get too big as I was a little on the chunky side when I first got pregnant anyways.

Anyways, I’ve been getting weekly emails from pregnancy sites which update me on the growth of my baby and such, and I do have one bone to pick with them, I just can’t wrap my head around how they measure the baby. This week they’re saying my baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower. Well I feel my baby from the top of my belly to the bottom, which is much bigger than a cauliflower, so are they wrong or am I just imagining things? I mean I know the baby isn’t that big yet but if she can bump me on the top and the bottom at the same time, then I gotta think she’s bigger than a cauliflower!

New This Week:
– Sigh, my hands are starting to swell every now and then, especially in the morning after I wake up. It comes and goes so it’s not all bad but still quite annoying and I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore, which sucks. Ugh, I especially hate looking at them because they just look like ugly sausages!
– I’ve been really into sweets lately, which is good and bad. At the beginning of the pregnancy I couldn’t stand sweets (which made me think it was a boy!) but now I’m eating oreos all the time, cupcakes, and buying Reese’s & Hershey’s to satisfy my sweet tooth. Yes, I know I’m shameful, but I swear, I’ll work it off after the baby is born!
– I have been feeling more exhausted lately. I’ve been taking a few naps here and there, and I usually don’t take naps, and I feel like I need to catch my breath more. I’m hoping I can get some energy back soon as I will be working again shortly and I’ll need it for those long days.

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