The Bump Tales – Week 29

December 23, 2010 The Bump Tales 5

Well time sure does fly by quickly doesn’t it? Here we are again for another entry in my Pregnancy DiaryThe Bump Tales. It’s the last week in the 20’s and I couldn’t be more happy for this pregnancy to be moving along. I’m very eager to meet my new little girl, although, not before she’s had enough time to develop and grow of course (Momma doesn’t want a preemie now!).


This week there’s nothing much to report on the whole “body” side of things. Feet will occasionally swell, but nothing a good foot rub from my wonderful Hubbi won’t fix. I haven’t has any cravings, or rather, the urge to eat anything lately though. I basically just eat to get something in my belly and to feed BG2, which is kind of a bummer because I was wondering what I would go crazy for this time around, but I suppose my body doesn’t really care. The acid reflux & constipation are back in full swing though, despite my taking some meds, but what can you do?!?!

I’m also really loving the shape of my BUMP. Sure everyone tells me I’m too big or that I look like I’m about to pop, but you know, I say “screw em”! So what if I’m one of the bigger girls when I get pregnant, as long as everything’s good in the uterus and my body is doing fine, I don’t care. I love the roundness because this is the only time when you can actually enjoy being this round, haha. Even though I can’t wait to get skinny again and enjoy the summer, I’m reveling in my Right to be Round while I can!

The only major thing I have to report is BG2 has been super energized this week. She’s moving, punching, kicking, kneeing, jabbing (and all that good stuff) my belly so much you’d think she was training for kickboxing in there! The newsletters and “officials” all say that the baby has less room so their movements are extra rough around the edges and they’re becoming more active as the days go by, which definitely describes this girl. But, believe me, I’m not complaining! I love feeling BG2 move and kick around, even if it feels weird or sometimes slightly hurts, I still cherish every moment because I know that she’s healthy and active, which is just the kind of baby I want. I can’t tell you all the horrible and worrisome things that float through my mind when thinking of the baby, so many things can go wrong you just pray that you have a healthy baby, and if things work out right, you feel truly blessed.

New This Week:

-The dreaded leg cramps! OMG, I had a cramp a few days ago and it was the WORST! Took forever for my leg to relax and I was basically limping all day. This part of pregnancy is definitely not one I enjoy!
-Since BG2 is so active this week, my belly looks like it’s bubbling, which is pretty funny and weird to watch, plus I can’t really hunch or bend over anymore because she’ll give me a nice old kick for that!
BG2 has taken it upon herself to constantly kick or push at my bladder, which pains me a little and, of course, makes me want to pee ALL THE TIME! Love her, but I could do without this, haha!

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  1. Mommetime

    What a fabulous idea to journal your pregnancy! I experienced the leg cramps…Are you drinking plenty of water and getting enough potassium? Congratulations on moving into week 30. Merry Christmas Amy @

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    I'm already a follower, and wanted to stop by & wish you happy holidays!

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