The Bump Tales – Week 30

December 30, 2010 The Bump Tales 6

Oh, wow! It’s a monumental entry in today’s The Bump Tales. I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks pregnant! It’s the home stretch now, just time to fatten up the baby and let its lung develop some more, and time to get all that baby stuff organized and prepare myself for Labor Day!


So I went to the doctor this week and it was a boring and typical one. After the long wait, the consult was only like 5 minutes, but that’s just what doctor appointments are like. This one was nice though because BG1 came with me and got to hear BG2‘s heartbeat for the first time and the doctor told her to remind me to drink lots of water and rest as much as I can, which she tells me all the time. Love that girl!

The doctor did say that they noticed sugar in my urine this time and the last time I was there so I guess I got to cut down on all those sweets, which I have been craving more lately, sigh. Luckily I passed my 1 hour GTT, so I should be fine as long as I watch what I eat. Other than that I’m “fit as a fiddle”. I did gain a total of 40 lbs so far in this pregnancy, which is kind of bad since I only gained 30 lbs total in my first one. Can’t really stop eating though and don’t really have time to work out so…IDK.

BG2 is still happily kicking away and moving around like a champ so I’m happy for that. I do feel the tightness and weight here and there, but it’s something I have to deal with I suppose. The worse part of all this is that damn PELVIC PRESSURE. I swear, it’s like the most annoying thing to deal with nowadays. I can barely walk right without it aching down there and it’s even worse after I lie down even for just a little, which makes mornings tough for me. I don’t remember having this much trouble the first time I was pregnant, but each one is different, I know.

Oh, and another thing, I am sick and tired of people calling me TOO BIG or saying my belly is HUGE because come on now, I’ve seen bigger girls with bigger bellies, not to mention that most people out there calling me big are big themselves, and they’re not even pregnant! People really need to learn to shut up and just let me be. It may appear that I’m big because I’m normally a small person, but who cares?!?! Can I just enjoy being big and pregnant while it lasts without all your two cents?!?! Sigh…

New This Week:

– I’ve been very exhausted lately, more so than normal, and I have had some dizzy spells, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s kind of tough now since I started working again to make some extra money, but “you gotta do what you gotta do”. The Hubbi is trying his best to be supportive and attentive, but unless I really can’t do it, I try to do things on my own and handle things my own way. I can’t help it since I’m naturally independent, but I love him for trying.
– My belly feels like a kicking or punching bag from all the times BG2 is causing a ruckus in there. I love watching how my belly changes shape though, but it’s crazy how it looks nowadays, haha.

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6 Responses to “The Bump Tales – Week 30”

  1. Runrettarun

    You are definitely in the home stretch! Your little girl is almost here. 🙂 My two boys were lazy, lazy in my belly and didn't move a lot. Which of course freaked me out. We moms are such worry warts!

  2. Losingbrownies

    I gain 55 pounds with my little guy, and all but 4 pounds have been lost. I'm sure it will come off pretty easily, besides you've got a toddler to run after as well!

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