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December 18, 2010 Reviews 1

Reading has definitely become an important part of my daughter’s life, and a routine we do daily, so it was pretty cool when I found out about the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark by My Toy Smart. It is a digital timer & bookmark in one, which is great because it’s easy to carry around and use. I recently had the privilege of testing one out and I have to say it’s a great product to have.

It comes with easy-to-use instructions, it is battery-operated (included), and worked just fine for me and my daughter. You simply use the buttons on the bookmark to set your countdown (or count up) timer and let your child read for their required amount of time. Considering that most children’s books aren’t that long, I usually just set it next to us and read until the time is up, but it’ll be good when my daughter starts getting into bigger kids books and reading more (I even use it sometimes myself to see how long I read at a given time). I try to make sure my daughter gets at least 10-15 minutes of reading in before bedtime and it was amazing how many books we got through in like 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, it’s your typical beeping sound, not too loud or soft, and you just have to press the stop button (very simple and efficient). It did take some getting used to because we’re not a typical “timer” family, but it’s good for those times when my daughter asks “how long do I have to do this for?”, which happens quite often.

It’s also great to use with other tasks like when my daughter has to brush her teeth. They say you need to brush your teeth for two minutes, and boy is that a LONG time when you’re brushing your teeth, so it came in handy for monitoring how long she was doing that. We would even give it to her to hold when she has a “time-out’s” so she knows how long she has to stay like that for. It’s definitely a useful little toy and good to use yourself too, if you want to track how long it takes you to do something. If anything, it would make a cute stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and were not the result of any type of monetary or compensatory gain. I would like to thank My Toy Smart for providing a sample of their product for this review. For details, please consult my PR Policy. Thank you.

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