The Bump Tales – Week 31

January 6, 2011 The Bump Tales 4

Starting the Count Down here on this week’s The Bump Tales. I’m just about done with being 7 months and moving on to the next month, yay! Let me tell you, BG2 has been nothing but active this week, I love it though. Occasionally, I’ll just sit back and smile with my hands on my belly while she does her thing and just revel in the joy of being pregnant.


This week we deal with “PEEING ALL THE TIME“. Let me tell you, I didn’t think there would be this much water in me. I swear I should just live in the bathroom until this baby is born because I see the toilet more than anything else nowadays, haha. Even though I’m not thirsty a lot, I know I have to drink a lot of water, so I do, which adds on to the frequent trips to the bathroom and turns nighttime into nap time for me. It’s crazy because I’d go to the bathroom and not even 20 minutes later, I have to do again. Sigh, I guess that just means my kidneys are working just fine, haha.

Other than that, I’ve just been dealing with the usual, like people telling me how huge I am. I get that everyday and it gets annoying but now I’m just like “yea, I’m big” and move on. Oh, and I also get the whole “you wanted a boy didn’t you?“, well I would have liked it to be even, doesn’t everybody? Let’s just act like we’re competent and know the social norms and then move on. Also, that pelvic pain is really becoming a pain in my, well, pelvis. Not much to say on that though. The feet have begun to swell more lately, and also I noticed my whole body is looking a little swollen too, not that huge, so it’s something I can manage without it bothering me too much. I suppose the only highlights of my pregnant day are when BG2 is awake and I can feel her kick, punch, stretch, and move. Last night was pretty crazy, she was so active, I swear it was like she was walking around in my belly because I’d feel her feet (or hands) go from one side of my belly to other. Surprisingly, she was actually laying on the left side of my belly for once, when we all know she loves my right side, haha. Oh, BG2, how I love you.

New This Week:

– I started wearing The Hubbi‘s beaters (tank tops) lately because mine were getting too short and then my belly would get cold at night since I don’t use a blanket. Let me tell you, I break a sweat like nothing at night, I don’t know why I get so hot, but the experts say it’s normal?!?! He gave me his smaller ones though so it doesn’t look bad on me, so no worries.

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4 Responses to “The Bump Tales – Week 31”

  1. Grace Hodgin

    I can relate. I was huge when I had my son. I'd get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and that would wake him up so I'd just lay there waiting for him to calm down so I could go back to sleep.
    Good luck and have a happy, healthy baby

  2. From Cristin To Mommy

    hi i am your newest follower from Mommy Madness Friday Blog Hop

    you have the cutest bump! i actually wish mine was bigger:/
    and im having peeing issues and im only going on 26 weeks!lol

    please follow back:)
    From Cristin To Mommy

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