The Bump Tales – Week 34

January 28, 2011 The Bump Tales 3

It’s Week 34 here at The Bump Tales and it’s been a crazy one. I think I’m getting a little impatient and I feel the mood swings coming on every now and then, feels like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER and I’m so ready to have BG2 (although I’m trying not to jinx it because I do want her to grow as much as she can in there).


Well this week I was supposed to visit the OB/GYN for my 2 week check up, but because of the crazy snowstorm Philly got on Wed night, that was cancelled. It was weird though because I had made the appt for another doctor in the practice, since I need to see each doctor at least once, and at their second office; but then the receptionist calls me & says I have an appt w/a doctor I’ve already seen and it’s at their first office?!?! I don’t know what is wrong with them, but I was not happy, and kind of relieved to have the appt cancelled. I just have to call back and make another appt I guess. Or I could just make one for my 36 week appt, I mean, nothing really goes on at each one anyways. I did want to complain about the numbness and pelvic pain, but I suppose that can wait.

BG2 has been even more active lately, make the definite decision to be awake in the evening and well into the night (she’s happily kicking and moving around as I type this) and sleep during the day (what a kid!). She sure knows how to jab me just right though, always kicking my right side, sticking her butt out in front, and headbutting my bladder until it hurts. But I’m not complaining! I love that girl!

I have been extra exhausted this week. Sleep is getting to be more and more difficult, what with the pelvic pain, tossing & turning, and the frequent bathroom trips, I can hardly get a decent 2 hours in. It especially sucks to have to drag my big butt to work, which is crazy because I don’t remember being this exhausted with BG1??!!? Sigh…It’s not like work is that busy, but standing up for any extended period of time (like when I’m doing eyebrows) can put a strain on my legs and hips.

Just gotta keep chanting the countdown: only 6 more weeks (give or take)!

Also, I forgot to mention, I had to suffer through a cold this past week or so and it was brutal. I couldn’t breathe for the life of me and the nights were made worse with my poor stuffy/runny nose. I haven’t been sick in so long, which when added to pregnancy, does not make a happy lady. I’ve been sans medications all pregnancy so I wasn’t going to start then, although I did succumb to ONE dose of Afrin on my worse night when I couldn’t take the stuffiness anymore. The doctor said it was okay if I used it sparingly, and since I only used it that one time, I’m sure everything’s okay. The sickness just made me extra tired and weak and I’m so happy I’m finally over it.

New This Week:

– I’m finding it more difficult to lean forward nowadays, especially when I’m sitting at the desk. The “experts” say the baby has now taken over my whole uterus, which means I’m leaning on her a lot and I don’t think she’s too happy about it (which is crazy because w/BG1 I leaned on her all the time because I was playing video games a lot at the end of my pregnancy, haha, but she didn’t mind). Quite a testy baby, isn’t she?!?! I wish I could be one of the those people in the “chill” position and lean back, but I like to sit forward!
– A couple nights ago, BG2 was really sticking out on my right side and it was a bit uncomfortable so I took it upon myself to literally push her back to the middle, and I felt her move too. It was a weird feeling and she eventually moved back and forth, but I’m hoping it didn’t bother her much, haha.

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3 Responses to “The Bump Tales – Week 34”

  1. Runrettarun

    BG2 probably thought "Damn mom!" Haha! No really, I bet it didn't bug her at all. Maybe she liked feeling her mama!

  2. Amy

    It is funny that you can get a glimpse of personality even in the womb! I remember my 1st doctor saying that movement in utero has nothing to do with their eventual activity level out of the womb. I don't believe it. I've had a glimpse of both of my kids' personalities while they were still in the womb–from the way they moved and responded to my movements–like when you are leaning forward. 🙂

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