Mommy Moments Can Smack Some Awareness

January 13, 2011 Guest Posts, Parenting 5

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Mommy Moments Can Make You Thankful for Your Parents

My daughter started wrestling this year and I tried to be prepared for the time commitment, but nothing can prepare you for 200 extra miles of driving in the first 10 days. We live less than 10 miles to the high school, so yes, that is a lot of trips to the school AND driving girls to a couple of local tournaments as well.

As I dropped her off for the first early morning practice of the New Year (5:30am) it hit me that I didn’t get a thank you as she jumped out the door. Neither of us had any caffeine yet so I wasn’t expecting much in conversation. But it did give me a moment that was difficult not to call my mom and thank her.

My Mom drove me everywhere. I was in a lot of sports and in junior high I also had dance class after sports. During volleyball season, that meant leaving volleyball practice every weekday and going to either soccer practice or a dance class right after. OH MY!

Now I say this because who knows if I ever said thank you to my Mom for all the driving around she did. Even after all these years I can’t remember if I’ve thanked my parents for one of them ALWAYS being at EVERY sporting event I had.

So here’s the moment I’m juggling with. I knew that my parents were special for being there all the time for my events. There were quite a few kids that never had a parent show up for anything and I don’t think there were many kids that can say one of their parents was at every event. It was just expected that one of my parents would be there. My friends even expected them to be there. It is just what they did.

Now it’s what I do and I don’t feel there is an option of not going to an event. My husbands family couldn’t always be at things because of work, yet he firmly believes how important it is for me to be at the games or meets since he can not get out of work.

The kids are good about saying thank you for so many things. I battle with bringing it up to her and letting her know that a thank you for driving her at 5:30am would be appreciated.

But then, I also want her to be the parent my parents and I are. I want it to be expected that she will do this same thing in 20ish years and be happy she can, even if there isn’t a thank you as they run out the car door.

Now that it’s a decent hour I need to go call my Mom and tell her thank you for all the driving around she did.

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5 Responses to “Mommy Moments Can Smack Some Awareness”

  1. Anna Barnett, The Pilot's Wife

    What a wonderful post… And if it were me, I might mention it over an ice cream or something special for her so it comes across as non threatenting. I too have kids that are in every sporting event under the sun, and have the same dilemma. But I do hold them accountable. I let them know sports are a privelege, not a right. Anyway, I love this post!

    Stopping by on the Family Blog Hop!!!!

    Anna, The Pilot's Wife
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