The Bump Tales – Week 38

February 24, 2011 The Bump Tales 14

Yep that’s right, it’s time once again for The Bump Tales, as I jump into Week 38! I can’t believe BG2 will be here in less than 2 weeks! I really want to meet her and my body really wants a break from being pregnant, haha, so I’m quite on edge, to say the least. My poor swollen feet & numb hands are definitely taking a hit, especially since I’m still working, as this baby is putting more pressure on my vessels and nerves, and yet, my blood pressure is perfect and I’m showing no negative signs of anything. Damn me and my healthy body! (haha, jk!)


I was able to take The Hubbi & BG1 to the OB/GYN this week since it was on President’s Day, but it was an insanely long appt. The office was packed with patients so it took forever to even get through the door and then the doctor, the one I’m not too fond of, who supposedly was sitting around doing nothing, took FOREVER to even come to my room to see me. She said the baby’s head is still not all the way down like it should be, but she did say I’m about 2 cm dilated, although I don’t know whether or not to believe her, haha. I definitely don’t feel like I’ll be going in anytime soon so we’ll see. Also, I really wish I could know how much this baby weighs, I mean, just because I’m healthy and don’t NEED another ultrasound, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like one, just to see that everything’s “good to go” in there, haha. Ugh, my least favorite part is the internal exam because of all the pressure and then I’m all crampy and leaky afterwards for a few days (I know, TMI, haha), but this time the doctor just left all that jelly stuff all over my legs and pelvic area, which is a *itch to clean up. Sigh, I’m really hoping I get one of the other doctors to deliver me!

This week has been a trying week for me. I’ve definitely been more tired and my body is starting to ache more. I’m coughing less, which is great, but it’s still difficult to sleep at night, what with the pee breaks and trying to find a comfortable position. It really is so painful to try to move from one side to the other and the pelvic pain isn’t getting any better. I did, however, gain 4 lbs this week which is kind of a lot, I know, but I think it makes up for those weeks when I didn’t gain anything because I was sick. I have been eating better, trying to eat as much American food and stuff before the baby is born because after that I have to eat rice & cooked meat for a whole month to “regain my strength” (it’s an Asian tradition). My acid reflux is back in full force, basically burning away my throat. Honestly, I’m surprised I still have throat cells left considering how much acid is coming up. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. My stomach has also been making some weird noises and feeling weird lately. I don’t know if the baby is putting pressure on it, which she shouldn’t be since she’s lower now, or what but I don’t think my stomach has been too happy lately.

New This Week:

– I’ve started wearing The Hubbi’s clothes like his boxers or pants at night to sleep in and his t-shirts during the day to work in. They’re still a little over-sized for me in some areas, but it does cover the belly and since I get hot easily nowadays, it’s a relief to wear short-sleeved as opposed to long-sleeved shirts.
– I think BG2 has done some major droppage since the top of my belly is a little flatter and I can start to feel more pressure in my pelvic area. Things are definitely getting tighter around the middle and I can sometimes feel something going on “down there” so I guess it really could be “any day now”.
– I can’t believe it, but I actually managed to get a COUPLE nights of “more” rest, only waking up for 1-2 pee breaks as opposed to 5-6. I’m not anticipating that it will last, and It’s still a struggle to sleep comfortably, but it was still a shock to me.

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14 Responses to “The Bump Tales – Week 38”

  1. Janice

    Wow, looks like your delivery date is coming soon too! I really hope you get the best OB-Gyne to deliver your baby. You should definitely be comfortable with your doctor to make the experience more "tolerable". I can also understand your "hot" feeling. I have it too, especially now that summer is fast approaching in our side of the world. Not a good time to be pregnant, if you ask me. That's why I wanna give birth already. Haha! Good luck!

  2. Lolo

    Only a little bit to go. I hope you get the other doctor that you like to deliver your little one. Excited to see pics!

  3. Fileto Fish

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  4. Elizabeth

    Wow Vivian, you kept up the journal of your pregnancy… that is going ot be a woinderful gift to you baby and a keepske for the family. Sending you hugs!

  5. Elizabeth

    Oops! Sorry, it posted before I could edit my typos… best wishes!
    Wow Vivian, you kept up the journal of your pregnancy… that is going to be a wonderful gift to your baby and a keepsake for the family. Sending you hugs!

  6. shellthings

    Oh, I remember those days when I had to go to wearing my husband's clothes. 

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