I Can Do WHAT When I’m Not Pregnant?!?!

February 28, 2011 On My Mind 12

Well, if you’ve been reading my Pregnancy Diary, The Bump Tales, or following me on Twitter, you’d see all the rants and ravings of my pregnancy and how I’m very much looking forward to the end of it, haha. Sure, pregnancy is a magical journey, something only women, and not ALL women for that matter, are lucky enough to experience and there are some perks to being pregnant; but let’s just say, when you’re at the end of it, you’ve kind of had all the pregnancy you can take and am just ready to get to the motherhood part of it all. I figured since there’s only 8 more days (can you believe it?!?!) until my due date, which means BG2 will make her appearance ANY DAY now, I thought I’d write up a nice little list of what I’m looking forward to sans belly!


#1 – Being able to see my feet & Bajingo again! Yes, losing all the weight and the belly will be a definite highlight of it all. Sure I love being pregnant, rubbing the adorable belly, and feeling BG2 kick and move around, but nothing beats being able to see your own body parts again and fitting into your old clothes. I can definitely say I won’t miss the swollen feet and numb/swollen hands and the waddling around like a fat penguin. And yes, a Bajingo is really what you think it is. I do occasionally see my feet when I prop them up, all swollen and aching, and when I struggle to put on socks and stuff, but I haven’t seen my Bajingo in quite awhile and I’d like to see how it’s doing, even though I know it’ll be all aching and sore after the baby is born. Hopefully, I’ll bounce back quick like the last time. My goal is to try to lose all the weight by the summer time so I can at least fit all my old clothes again and be one of those Hot Moms again, haha. It’s a stretch, I know, but since I’ll be in Miami, alone, for some time and my motivation to look good again is strong this time, I’m hoping I can do it.


#2 – The sweet taste of Alcohol and Starbucks. Not that I’m a big drinker or anything, I don’t like drinking beer or wine and I don’t get crazy drunk anymore, but just the ability to have a drink every now and then again would be nice. I do miss my Mojitos, Martinis, & Mimosas haha. I would even try the occasional wine to try and get used to it since it is the “it” thing to drink haha. And OMG, I have been DYING for a Caramel Frappuccino for the longest time! I used to drink through a Grande in minutes everyday when I was in school, haha, and am looking forward to doing that again when I’m down there studying for my next exam. I know it’s not good for the whole “diet” thing, but I’ll work around it! Or just to be able to grab a cup of coffee or a Caramel Macchiato would be nice, I do miss wallking into a Starbucks and grabbing my favorite drinks.

#3 – S e x! I don’t know if my s e x drive will return to normal or not after the baby, but during this pregnancy I was extra horny and had no real way to satisfy the cravings! Sure The Hubbi would give in when necessary, but towards the end it gets tiring and a little bit “too much work” that we just give up. Besides, I want the wild, crazy s e x or the do it anywhere s e x that only non-pregnant people can enjoy, haha. I want The Hubbi to look at me and not be able to resist wanting me and taking my clothes off. I also miss the cute little games we’d play and, again, even though I know it’ll be awhile before I’m physically ready, just enjoying the act itself.

#4 – Having more energy & feeling like myself again. I definitely haven’t been feeling like myself lately, just a very heavy shell carrying around an all-too-important package, waiting to pop. I’d like to have the energy to run around again and do whatever I want. I want to be able to play with BG1 when she asks and have the energy to take her here and there. I’d like to walk around a mall or even Target, without getting extremely tired and having to take breaks. Sure, I get my energy spurts here and there, but for the most part, I’m pretty much sitting down and any amount of moving around drains me. Not only would I like the energy to play with my girls, but also to do stuff with The Hubbi, help with the chores and household work, and to feel like I’m doing something again.

#5 – Going out with the Girls. This goes with the whole “no energy” thing. I simply do not have the strength or motivation to go anywhere with my friends lately and I really miss them. It’s nice being with the family and all, but I need my girls. I miss chatting about anything and everything, going to bars or restaurants and enjoying each others company. I especially hate disappointing them when they want me to come out and I’m too exhausted to even leave the house. I want the days when we could take a trip to AC or drive down to Center City and hang out with dozens of amazing photos to prove it. I definitely haven’t done that in ages and it’d be nice to feel a part of “the scene” again, even if it’s just once a month!

#6 – Having people FINALLY stop asking me my “pregnant” life story and leave me alone! OMG, this is the worst. Everyday I’d hear “are you having twins?” “when are you due?” “what are you having?” “is that what you wanted?” “how does it feel to be pregnant?” blah, blah, blah. I mean, honestly, it’s nice to get asked every once in awhile, but when you hear the same crap everyday, I just want to have a sign on my belly that says “yes, I’m ____ months pregnant, I’m a girl, I don’t care what I am as long as I’m healthy, yes it is tiring carrying around an extra 40 lbs, thank you & you can leave me alone now” and be done with it. I don’t want to speak another word of it or discuss the intricate details of my pregnancy with you. I don’t mind discussing it with friends but when strangers ask you this all the time I’m like “why do you even care?!?!”. I know I gained a lot with this pregnancy and if BG2 isn’t at least 7-8lbs I’ll be pissed (slightly, haha), but seriously, have some common sense and leave me and my belly alone before I start asking you why you’re so big when you’re not even pregnant!

#7 – Sleep. Sweet, wonderful, peaceful, relaxing SLEEP! Oh, sleep, how I miss you terribly. I miss sleeping on my back or my belly or anyway I want. I miss uninterrupted hours of sleep, which I will get despite having a newborn, thanks to my wonderful support system (The Hubbi, my Mom, & family). Surprisingly, I miss cuddling, just a little, with The Hubbi every now and then at night, which we don’t do now that I’m too big and don’t want him to touch me, haha. I look forward to waking up after a refreshing nights rest and ready to tackle to world. Oh yes, sleep, I will be all up on you once I’m de-pregnantized.

#8 – Of course, being able to enjoy new Motherhood again with BG2. How could I leave out the whole reason for me putting up with being pregnant for 10 months (saving the best for last)?!?! I’m been looking forward to meeting, seeing, kissing, cuddling, hugging, sniffing, carrying, and taking care of BG2 the most. I can’t wait to see how BG1 interacts with her, and hoping that they will get along and be the best of sisters. I can’t wait to see how The Hubbi will tackle being a parent again and shine as a great father. I can’t wait to revel in all the milestones and “aww” moments that only babies can give you (and take plenty of pictures and videos of them). Sure babies are a lot of work, cost a lot of money, take away your beauty, and drain you of your sanity, but honestly, they’re the only ones who are truly worth it!

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12 Responses to “I Can Do WHAT When I’m Not Pregnant?!?!”

  1. Runrettarun

    #1 – Girl, your poor feet!! I hope BG2 comes out soon. I had pre-e and my feet were not nearly that swollen!

    #3 – OMG. I almost spit water everywhere! Especially when you said he did it when he had to b/c that's really how they feel lol. It's self-sacrificing! Hope you get to visit the bone zone soon!

  2. Vi3tI3abe

    i know right! it's like i'm all healthy w/no complications, yet my body likes to torture me w/those feet, among other things haha.

    n thanks for the last comment, yes, i def need a trip to the "bone zone" soon haha =)

  3. Marvelous Mommy

    HAHA I can SO relate! I've still got 5 more weeks and I'm so ready for it to be over! I am up a million times during the night whether it's to adjust or to pee. And sex, that's just way to much work! I know after I had Natalie (and was able to have sex again) sex was a billion times better!!

  4. Tootsie

    you will be so happy to see your feet! I remember those days farrrrrr too well! lol
    I am now following you!

  5. Mary Bearden

    I am a new follower on the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop and I am now following you thru GFC. I have someone working on my blog today and when you go on it as I just did it is still in process but you can GFC me and just leave a comment in any of the past articles. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have all my buttons back up. Thanks for the follow back.

    Mary @ http://mmbearcupoftea.blogspot.com

  6. Kristen

    Ugh..I remember when my feet looked like that! Good Luck, you're almost there! 🙂

  7. Darvocet Recall

    I love your post! I can relate to what you are feeling now. My baby is already 3 months now and I super enjoy taking care of my baby, and my hubby. 🙂

  8. Susan www.fingerclicksaver.com

    New follower from the Wed. hop…would love for you to stop by to visit http://www.fingerclicksaver.com and return the follow. BTW…your baby is so precious…enjoy each and every minute…they grow way too fast!

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