Review: The "Do-It-All" Mom Calendar

February 7, 2011 Reviews 1

Any mom will tell you that when you want to be organized, a handy, go-to calendar is a must. Sure we’re all pretty much digital now with our phones, ipods, etc, but when it comes down to it; nothing really beats writing the important stuff down. And for the Savvy Moms out there, nothing beats the Do It All Mom Calendar by Orange Circle Studio.

This calendar is so awesome and it had basically everything you need to stay organized and on top of the game. With all the family appts, after-school activities, chores, birthdays, events, and more; you really can’t go wrong with this calendar. I love how it gives you more than enough space to write down all the important things you have to remember, it also has a section for additional notes and things like that. What is unique about this calendar is that it also has a pull-out tab for you to put family members’ names on, if you wanted to be more organized and designate a line to each member.

The design is too cute and so colorful I just love all the little characters; and each month has a witty quote that you’re sure to enjoy. The whole calendar starts from August until December of the following year. Another cool feature is that it comes with pockets on the bottom for you to add important papers, memos, and the (included) pack of stickers you’ll need to mark off important events like birthdays, carpools, doctor’s appts, and holidays. I also love that it comes with a magnetic backing & a standard hanger hole so that you can stick it right on your fridge or hang it on your wall (and it comes with a handy pen & holder so you’ll never have to worry about looking for one). You’ll also love that is comes with a plastic flap on top where you can slide the top part of the calendar in from previous months so you don’t have to worry about taping it up or ripping it off. So great!

Personally, I love using it for any and all of my family’s appts and for keeping up with my blog and other related duties. With a baby on the way, appts are a monthly, if not weekly, happening in my house and I’ve been doing so many reviews for my blog lately I definitely needed a handy calendar to keep them all in check.

Be sure to check out Orange Circle Studio for this calendar and all the other adorable ones they have. Even if you’re not a mom, they have other handy calendars for everyone’s wants and needs.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and were not the result of any type of monetary or compensatory gain. I would like to thank Orange Circle Studio for providing a sample of their product for this review. For details, please consult my PR Policy. Thank you.
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One Response to “Review: The "Do-It-All" Mom Calendar”

  1. Runrettarun

    Thanks for reviewing this! I am terrible at organization and am really trying to use a planner. This one looks great! Especially now that we have a school age child!

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