Project BG2, Week 1 – Life as a Newborn

March 10, 2011 Project BG2 8

I decided I wanted to do kind of like a Photo Diary of BG2 to help build some wonderful memories to look back on. Now I know I’m not only busy with my kids, school, and life in general, trying to post anything everyday is definitely not going to happen for me, haha. So I decided to do a weekly post, entitled Project BG2, showcasing pictures, maybe with some blurbs describing them, of the baby. I will be taking daily pictures of the baby, no doubt, but gathering them on a weekly basis and posting them seemed more reasonable to me. Hopefully you all will enjoy the pictures and we can all revel in how BG2 changes throughout time!

3.2.11 3.3.11 3.4.11 3.5.11 3.6.11 3.7.11 3.8.11 3.9.11
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8 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 1 – Life as a Newborn”

  1. Jeri Lynne

    I love her face! She is so beautiful, and Mommy…you look ah-may-zing!!! How is BG1 handling big sisterhood?

  2. Danielle Renee' Stewart

    Awww you had the baby I am so excited for you. I bet you are glad to finally have her here.

  3. Runrettarun

    Alea is just beautiful, girlie! Love the idea of a photo diary. Also, looking good Mama!!

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