Project BG2, Week 3 – Just Chillin’

March 24, 2011 Project BG2 2

We’re on to Week 3 of Project BG2 and she is definitely putting us all through a good workout. She’s been a bit fussy lately, which I hear is normal for babies around this age, and I truly believe she has acid reflux (breaks my heart to see her go through any pain), but otherwise she’s been awake a lot more lately. Of course, she expects someone to jiggle or pat her while they’re walking her through the house so she can explore. She starts fussing as soon as we sit down! Even though I’ve had her attached to my arms or chest more often than not lately and I’ve been “shushing” so much my mouth is always dry, it’s okay, because soon I’ll be away for school and I know my arms will ache for her so I’m enjoying whatever time I have left with her, even if she drives me crazy with all the crying.

3.17.11 3.18.11 3.19.11 3.20.11 3.21.11 3.22.11 3.23.11
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2 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 3 – Just Chillin’”

  1. Janice

    So cute photos of Alea! Ziggy has become fussy too starting this week. I guess, it is common in babies at this point. So hard to make him fall asleep AND stay asleep. hehehe!

    Anyway, just wondering if you can help me. I noticed you have a Featured Content list on your topmost left sidebar. I want to do the same since I'm doing reviews and giveaways soon. How do I make the list and how to I place my posts on each "label"? Will really appreciate your help. Thanks! 😀

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