Project BG2, Week 4 – Last Full Week at Grandma’s House

March 31, 2011 Project BG2 1

Yay! Another entry in my photo diary, Project BG2. It’s Week 4, which means she’s technically a month old, even though it’s not the exactly the date yet. She’s still been a bit fussy, especially at night, but we’ve been managing alright. It sucks that it’s my last full week with her until I go down to Miami again. We’ve been spending the month at my mom’s house so she could help me with the baby and I could recuperate, but it’s almost over now. It’s difficult for me to notice that she’s getting bigger since I see her all day, everyday, but I do notice it a little. It’s crazy how time flies and kids grow so quickly. She’s been smiling a lot more and I even catch her laughing a few times in her sleep, it’s the most beautiful sound! I love the facial expressions she makes and when she just stares off into space, I can’t get enough of her!

3.24.11 3.25.11 3.26.11 3.27.11 3.28.11 3.29.11 3.30.11
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  1. Runrettarun

    I used to put the boys to sleep on their bellies too. I know it's frowned upon but is it an Asian thing? My mom did it w/ all of us! Both girls are so cute. Alea is getting so big!

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