Blogging 101: How to Make a Grab Button

April 30, 2011 Advice Corner 10

I have to say I’m extremely addicted to blogging and I love figuring out how to add cool gadgets and special features to my blog all the time. I’m definitely not an expert at coding/HTML, but I do know my way around a code or two, and there’s always some tutorial out there showing you how to do something. I decided I wanted to include some important and useful tutorials of my own, if not for my readers, then for future reference in case I wanted to do a task on another blog or whatever. I’m sure these posts will be random and scattered, but it’s good to know I or anyone out there can just click my Blogging 101 tag and get all the information they need for some handy blogging tips.

My first tutorial will be –


“How to Make a Grab Button”

For any new blogger out there, you’ll notice that a lot of blogs have a cute little button (like the one I have on my sidebar) with a grab box below it so readers can easily add their button to their blog. Well, here’s how you can have your own button & grab box for your blog.

To make a Grab Button:

1. Pick out a nice design from off the web, make one yourself (if you’re a Photoshop wiz or whatnot), OR you can have a button made by a graphic designer (they’re all over the web).
2. The usual size of a Grab Button is either 125×125 or 150×150. You don’t want to make it any bigger than that since most blogs have small sidebars.
3. Save your image to a photo website like Photobucket or TinyPic.

To make a Grab Box:

1. Go to “Design” -> “Page Elements” on your Blogger dashboard, select “Add a Gadget” and click on “HTML/Javascript”.
2. Paste the following code into the empty box that comes up:

<center><a border=”0″ href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” /></a>

<textarea cols=”20″ rows=”4″><a border=”0″ href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” /> </a></textarea></center>

3. Change all the information in RED to your own (i.e. Blog URL & Image URL) and click “Save”.

Voila! Nice & simple!

If you have any questions or comments just let me know.

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  2. Monika

    Very useful information; it took me a while to figure out how to make mine <3

    Those are awesome, beautiful little gift set as well. Super tempting.

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  3. April G

    Great info! Thanks for sharing! I will be bookmarking this!

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    Have a great week!

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  4. Denise

    I saw you on Super Stalker Sunday. Nice blog! I hope you follow back. I warn you I am very new. I might become brave enough to use this tutorial one day : )

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