Gas is Not My Friend

April 22, 2011 BG2, Parenting 2

So here is the update on BG2, how she’s doing, and the outlook from here.

We started Enfamil Gentlease on Tuesday and it seemed to be working okay. She was taking it down without any complaints, so I guess it tastes the same?!?! Also, we haven’t noticed any changes in her BMs, although the color has changed a bit, but nothing to worry about, I was more concerned about constipation and even though you can see her strain sometimes, it’s not too bad where it greatly affects her. She also hasn’t been throwing up the milk like before where she would throw up a whole feeding so that’s great. I’m hoping it’ll stay that way and that the problem was just that her LES was immature and it’s developing more.

The only major problem we’re still facing right now is that she’s extremely gassy. Honestly, that girl passes gas all day, everyday! If you hold her for even 10 minutes, you’ll feel her toot, haha. But she’s still fussy/cranky, which means she still has a lot of gas in her that isn’t getting out or is working its way out of her system and is irritating her. I wish there was something we could do about that but for now we’ve settled on using gas drops, Gas X, to temporarily relieve her symptoms, which seems to have helped somewhat because last night she slept pretty soundly (previous nights she was still crying a lot and very fussy).

We are thinking about going back to Good Start Gentle Plus and add the Gas X when necessary to see how that works, but if she’s not taking it well then I guess we’ll just have to settle on Enfamil from now on. That would kind of suck though because money is pretty tight right now and that formula is so expensive, but of course, if it helps BG2 then it’s worth it. I’m hoping all this changing around isn’t bothering her too much, I often wonder how she’s handling everything since she can’t really tell anyone how she’s feeling, but I suppose if she’s not crying all the time or fussy then it’s a good sign, right???

My major concerns are if she’s gaining weight properly, getting all the nutrients she needs, and that everything is working properly inside (of course that’s every parent’s concerns though, haha). Sigh, one of the down sides of studying medicine is the fact that I know that so many things can go wrong, as if I wasn’t paranoid enough before I started studying medicine, I’m pretty crazy-paranoid now! It’s just, my baby grew and was born healthy and I just want her to remain healthy and happy. Here’s hoping!


20 days.

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  1. flatnipples

    My baby used to grunt too, our Pediatrician said it's not always a sign of constipation.

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