Project BG2: Week 6 – Oh, The Faces I Make

April 14, 2011 Project BG2 4

Yay! It’s time once again for Project BG2Week 6. I swear, each time I see her it’s like I can tell she’s getting just a little bit bigger. She’s starting to drink around 3oz. each feeding now, which is awesome because I want her to pack on those pounds. It melts my heart whenever I see her smile, which is a lot more lately, even if it’s still unintentional. I can’t wait until she smiles directly at me! We’re also enjoying her baby talk now, which is so cute! I love hear her voice and seeing her try to talk back to us. It’s so amazing to get to experience this, of course it’d be even better if I was there in person, but for now, Skype will have to do.

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