Project BG2, Week 8 – Getting Just Alil’ Bit Older

April 28, 2011 Project BG2 1

BG2 is 8 weeks today! Crazi how time flies doesn’t it? Even though she’s not officially two months until Tuesday, she’s still getting so big so quickly. I love how she’s smiling a lot more now and talking to people. She loves having conversations with her Grandma and she always smiles when her Daddy picks her up from the babysitter’s house.

It kind of sucks that she doesn’t talk to me or smile much with me, but then again, she sees & hears me through the computer screen and she probably can’t make that out anyways. Onli 15 more days!

Her 2-month checkup is next Thursday so hoping all goes well, I’ll be blogging about that most likely. She’s starting to eat more, about 3-4oz during each feeding, and since it’s every 2 hours, I’m thinking that’s good. Sadly though, she has started to develop eczema on her adorable little cheeks and forehead, which breaks my heart because I was hoping she wouldn’t get it. Allergies and eczema kind of run in my family and BG1 did have it when she was a baby, so I suppose it was inevitable. Poor girl is always rubbing her face, I’m hoping it goes away soon.

Okay, picture time! I love this face!

4.21.11 4.22.11 4.23.11 4.24.11 4.25.11 4.26.11 4.27.11
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  1. Michelle

    So precious!! They are gorgeous!!! Stopping in to say from the new Super Stalker Sunday hop. Already a follower! Just stopping in to say "hi!"

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