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April 23, 2011 Reviews 2

I love finding new and unique gift ideas, especially for couples, since it’s always good to give gifts outside the “norm” and have fun with it. A company I recently discovered, Zic & ChaCha, is a cute website that sells boxers for couples.


I love that they have such cute designs for couples and they also include neutral, more low-key designs for the more conservative couple. I’m not usually one of those people who like to wear matching clothes, but since this is made specifically for private eyes, I don’t mind matching with The Hubbi. Not only is it cute but it’s useful because men can always use another pair of boxers and I love having a cute pair of shorts to wear around the house, especially in the summer time.

The boxers come wrapped individually in ribbon, inside a nice little box. It actually came looking all nicely that I almost didn’t want to open them! The fabric actually feels really nice and it’s also very comfortable so there’s no worries there. I wear mine all the time and The Hubbi will occasionally match me every now and then, haha.


Zic & ChaCha sells their His & Hers Sets ranging from $39-$100 and they offer FREE gift wrapping. They also sell individual boxers for men and women, in fun designs, and monogrammed boxers, which is a perfect way to add a unique touch to your gift. The big perk is they also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like your boxers, you can easily return it. They really are a great gift idea for your couple friends or for your significant other.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and were not the result of any type of monetary or compensatory gain. I would like to thank Zic & ChaCha for providing a sample of their product for this review. For details, please consult my PR Policy. Thank you.
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