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April 26, 2011 Humor 2

Oh I just love it when I come across hilarious & amusing websites. People really do think of everything!

Yes, if you’re single or even if you’re spoken for, you’ll find this website/service quite amusing. If you’re craving for attention and your current situation just isn’t cutting it, there’s a simple and fun solution: Text Boyfriend.

Never be without attention. Textboyfriend texts you 3 times a week (just the perfect amount of sweetness — no overtexting, no drama. He’s fun and cute and he’s all about you! Texts are sweet and seem to just be timed right when you need a little lift. (And, your friends will be jealous!)
No worries – nothing offensive — it’s all sweet. And, it’s cheaper than sending yourself flowers! However it is easy to unsubscribe: Reply ‘STOP’ to any message you receive.

At less than $2.00/week or $6.00/month it’s quite an amusing little service. While this could never be taken seriously, it does provide a good laugh and if you’re using it, a small ego-boost every now and then.

What do you think about this quirky service? Any thoughts on what people will come up with next?


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2 Responses to “Text Boyfriend”

  1. Joy Page Manuel

    Hi! I just came across your blog via A Time Out For Mommy's Wed. Blog Hop…and how you've made my day with this one! LOL!! This is too funny!!…VERY creative though ,I must say. This is what it comes down to I suppose…too much loneliness and isolation that ppl are willing to pay to feel 'loved' no matter how artificial the experience may be. Well, there's another version of 'prostitution' for you, in the digital age! haha!

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