There’s a Traitor in Our Mists

April 27, 2011 BG2, Marriage, Parenting 2

Well, it’s official, BG2 is a Daddy’s Girl.

The update on BG2 is that she’s doing much better on Enfamil Gentlease. We tried to start her back on Good Start over the weekend, but she wasn’t drinking as much and seemed a bit fussier, so we quickly switched her back and I suppose we’ll continue to buy it and see how she does. We also changed all her nipples to the 3-6mo kinds because it seemed like she wasn’t getting enough to eat at each feeding and getting tired/frustrated. Everything seems okay so far, so again, we’ll see how that goes. BG2 has always been a voracious eater, practically gulping down her formula, which scares me sometimes since I’m worried she might choke, but we’re looking good so far.

My mom has been complaining that she’s still crying a lot at night and even after switching hands with EVERYONE in the house (and there’s like 10 people in the house, haha) she still doesn’t calm down. So naturally, Daddy has to step in and try to calm her down. When he spends the night at my mom’s house, BG2 does still get fussy, but for the most part, she calmly rests snuggled against The Hubbi on his belly, which I’m betting is her favorite place to sleep nowadays. I don’t know if it’s his scent or that his belly is just THAT comfortable, but the girl loves her Daddy! Much to the dismay joy of The Hubbi, of course, since that means he can’t get a decent night’s sleep, but I warned him that it would be like this with a newborn, YOU DON’T GET TO SLEEP!

I find it funny that on the nights when he’s not at my mom’s, he’s in bed and sound asleep by 10pm. Poor guy! It’s even more funny because even if he tries to get mad, he looks at her and falls apart. She just has that face you can’t hate. I’m sure it’ll be easier when I finally get home and take away some of the burden joy of taking care of the baby, but for now, he’ll just have to struggle as a “single parent” and suffer enjoy all the love he gets from BG2. I mean, sure I carried her for 9 months and suffered through grueling, intense labor, ripping my body to shreds for the girl; she still loves her Daddy like no other!

He is always complaining that BG1 loves me and my mom more than him anyways, so Mister: “You asked for the love, now you gotta deal with it”.

*Que Evil Laugh*


15 days.


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