Troubles in Newbornville

April 19, 2011 BG2, Parenting 3

Feeling stressed and worried for my little BG2.

These past few days have been rough on all of us. She’s been really fussy/cranky lately, more so than usual, and having crying fits that last a few hours in the dead of night where NOTHING will calm her down. She’s definitely dry and fed, she just can’t calm down. I’m thinking it’s because she’s sleepy and can’t seem to stay asleep long enough. I think the longest she’s stayed asleep for is 3 hours, but usually she’ll sleep for an hour or two before something wakes her up. She’s also been very fidgety, which doesn’t help with the sleep issues, and we can’t seem to swaddle her anymore because she’ll fight her way out. Most of the time someone is holding her, rocking and bouncing her so she can fall asleep, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


It could also be due to gas and reflux. She’s always been a gassy baby, passing gas all day everyday, but it’s supposed to be normal and it doesn’t seem to bother her when she does it. I think she just has a lot of gas in her system, period, and it irritates her. We do try to get a good burp out of her after every meal and continue to pat her back to get those stubborn burps out, but maybe there’s more to it. I do also believe she has reflux because she doesn’t seem too happy after she burps, she’s always arching her back or twisting her body here and there and prefers to be held upright on our shoulders rather than laying in our arms.

The worst part is that on occasion, she’ll throw up a whole feeding right after she’s done, which scares me to death. It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough to worry me and it can’t be easy on her. She’s still only drinking 2-3oz at a time too, which is odd to me because I thought babies should be eating more as they grow older.

All this stuff has been going on since day one, with its ups and downs of course, but it’s clear she’s not an easy baby to take care of, which is not her fault! So after countless hours researching on the web, I seriously think my baby has acid reflux and is fussy due to excessive gas and lack of sleep. I did consult with her Pediatrician who suggested we try switching her formula to soy milk for a few days to see how she takes it. Needless to say, that suggest scared the hell out of me. I’m not a big fan of soy milk because that just means there’s something really wrong with my baby.


But we have to try it out because if it works, it’ll just be better for BG2. We’ve had her on Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus since birth, but we’re going to go ahead and give Enfamil Gentlease a try and see how she does with it. It’s supposed to help with the gas and fussiness, even though it’s not soy milk (it’s kind of like a buffer between the two) I want to try this different kind of formula before I make the big switch. My only hope is that this helps her so she can get some peace and comfort. Sure it’s rough on us, but we’re all adults here and we can deal with it. I can’t imagine how hard this is on BG2 who is just a little 6 week old baby trying to adjust to this world.

My biggest gripe is that I’m not there to help at all. I can only do the research, make the calls to the doctor, and give my opinions and options to my mom and husband while they handle it all, which drives me crazy. I know there’s not much else I can do that they can’t, but it sucks that I can’t be there for my baby to help her through all this.

Well, we’ll see how this formula change goes for her. My next option is changing the formula to Enfamil AR (which is for reflux babies), trying gas-relief drops (which we did buy this morning and tried out for her, it seemed to help a little), and yes, I purchased the Miracle Blanket to see if we can’t swaddle this tough girl in so she can get a good amount of sleep.

Babies really are an experiment and even though it may cost a grip at times to test a theory out, if, in the end, it helps my baby, it’s worth it.

…24 days.


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3 Responses to “Troubles in Newbornville”

  1. Janice Lim

    I can relate to what you guys are going through. The same thing happened with Ziggy just a couple of weeks ago. He was very colicky and he also wanted to be carried all the time and had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Our pediatrician recommended Restime drops, which is Simethicone. It really did help. But eventually the pediatrician also recommended we switch formulas since Ziggy was developing little rashes on his head. I'm actually lactose-intolerant and my hubby has a lot of allergies, so we were thinking Ziggy could have inherited some of that. Ziggy seems to be doing well with the new formula. It's not soy too but it's hydrolized whey protein, which is easier on the tummy. Hope you figure out what works with BG2. I know it's hard but it will get better. Take care!

  2. mama647

    Pssst, found you through "Follow Me, Chickadee".

    I hope you are able to figure out what is going on with BG2. Trust your instinct and push for answers and help. We are just now, at almost 2 years old, getting answers on my son. I really hope the new formula does the trick!!

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