Happy Mother’s Day to Me & Change Happens

May 9, 2011 Blog Related, On My Mind 1

Hey everyone!

I hope all the Hot Mamas out there had an amazing Mother’s Day and were showered with love and gifts like they should be. I, unfortunately, had to spend the weekend studying for my BIG EXAM on Friday, but that’s life!

And as life dictates, change happens.

I have FINALLY given in to my urges and PURCHASED a domain name for my blog. YAY ME! I kept debating it with myself over and over and since a part of me kept nagging I figured it wasn’t going to give up until I gave in. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to waste the money, especially since money is EXTRA tight nowadays, and I figured this whole “blogging thing” is just a hobby so it’s okay to have a subdomain name. On the other hand, it is only $10/year and I like having my own blog name as the web address, I guess it’s a vanity thing, haha, but it’s done!

The transition will take a few days but since I’ll still be on Blogger everything but the address will remain the same. If anyone even has my link up, be sure to update it to the new web address if you like. Deep down inside, I really wish I could move to WordPress, since it is more fancier and modern, plus I know all about it, but it’s too pricey right now and I’m fine with Blogger.

Anyways, that was part of my Mother’s Day gift to myself, although I will graciously say that it’s The Hubbi’s gift to me since he’s always encouraging me to do what I want and if I like it, buy it, haha. I have also bought some new books that I’ve been dying to get to expand my library. After this exam I will be diving into these awesome books and I can’t wait to get lost in them and then write reviews on them since I miss doing that. I also have a few product reviews and giveaways coming up, lots to do when I get back home!

FYI: I was just telling The Hubbi the other day that I always hear wives saying how they have to ask their husbands if they can get this and that or how their husbands have to be the ones to buy them this or that and I’m always saying I have to force The Hubbi NOT to buy me something or say “No” to me buying something for myself, haha. He’s always trying to spoil me (how did I get so lucky?!?!)!

Love You Boo!!!

Other things are stewing in my mind and happening in my life but that’s for another time, I will be scarce this week due the cramming I’ll have to do for the exam.


See ya on the flipside! (yea, you like that don’t ya?!?!)


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