21st Century Love for Your Child

May 5, 2011 Television 9

I love this commercial so much I just had to blog about it. It’s so touching and such an awesome and unique idea about sharing unforgettable memories with your child. This is kind of like what I’m trying to do with all these blog posts for BG2 and when I made the video/picture collage for BG1 for her birthday, I want her to look back and see how much I truly love her and all the important days we have and will share, which is basically everyday.

I also love that this showcases Asian Americans, which are slowly, but surely rising stars in mainstream media it makes me so happi.

You can’t help but feel your heart wrench at this awesome commercial.

So who wants to go out and do this for their child? So perfect!


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9 Responses to “21st Century Love for Your Child”

  1. Vivian

    I know what you mean! When I saw that I was so tempted to do it myself, but I'll do it my own way & make a nice little video for her when she turns 5 like I did for my 1st baby =)

  2. Vivian

    I'm not much of a mushy person but I was so touched by this commercial since I'm a parent as well haha

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