Project BG2, Week 11 – Oh, That Hand Tastes So Good

May 19, 2011 Project BG2 0

Alright! It’s Week 11 in Project BG2 and I’m so happi because I’m FINALLY home and got to spend the whole week with my darling daughter. I love every minute with her!

She is SO spoiled though, always wanting to be held or spoken to. This girl talks like her life is so exciting when all she does is eat, sleep, & poop. It’s the cutest thing hearing her babble though. She’s also on a drooling kick, I’m truly amazed at how much drool this girl has, haha. In addition to the drool, she goes to town on her hands, sucking them like crazy! It’s adorable. =)

Her sleeping habits are getting a little better. She still wakes easily but we can get her back to sleep quick too, as long as we hold and rock her. She’ll only sleep for like an hour or two during the day, but at night she’s pretty good so I’m hoping it’ll only get better. She’s had a majorly stuffy nose since I got back so we’ve been sucking all that “yummy” snot out of her little nose and we bought a humidifier, which I hope will help her breathe better.

We’ve also decided to invest in a swing, at least for a few days, to see if she’ll like it. BG1 didn’t take to the swing so we didn’t buy another one, but since BG2 likes to be rocked and moved so much, I’m hoping this will help us out.

Anyways, until next time, here are the pictures!

5.12.11 5.13.11 5.14.11 5.15.11 5.16.11 5.17.11 5.18.11
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