Project BG2, Week 12 – Look Ma, I’m Growing Up

May 27, 2011 Project BG2 0

This is a big week for BG2. She’s 12 weeks old, which is technically 3 months, even though it’s not the 2nd yet. A lot of things have been happening lately as she slowly but surely transitions from newborn to infant.

I recently weighed her and am guesstimating that her weight is now around 16lbs, which is great. I realli hope she keeps growing and gaining weight. Mama likes a healthy, chunky baby. I swear, I can’t get enough of all her rolls and her adorable cheeks.

She practically finishes her bottle at each feeding, which is about 5oz every 3-4 hours and I’m thinking about switching to the bigger bottles to see if she’ll eat 6 or more oz next week. We just started her on rice cereal too, by putting it in her milk. It was an adjustment at first, she didn’t realli like the texture/taste and spit up a lot, but nowadays she’s doing great with it. We’ve had to switch her nipples to the 3-6 month size too for the cereal. I think she’s doing great on it, always seems like she wants to eat.

She’s also sleeping a lot better at night, thanks in part to the cereal, I believe, and the fact that she now sleeps in her new swing. I didn’t want to buy a swing at first because BG1 didn’t like it at all but since BG2 likes moving around so much I thought I’d give it a try. The first few nights it didn’t seem to work and I was about to give up, but the last few nights have been great. We usually give her a bottle around 8pm, put her to sleep and then wrap her up and place her in the swing. She’ll squirm or make noises every so often but won’t realli wake up until 7-8am when I wake her up. I usually have to set an alarm to feed her every 4 hours at night!

I would say her favorite time of the day lately is bath time. She’s always so happi in her tub, splashing around and talking to me. It’s also one of my favorite times of the day because it’s just us. <3 I think she’s also well aware of who everyone is, always the curious kitten, she’s constantly staring and observing her surroundings. I love the way she looks at her big sister though, and how BG1 plays with her, it’s too cute.

I feel bad that I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures of her lately, mostly due to work and school stuff. I definitely need to change that and capture the moments while I can. I also need to start recording more videos, I have some, but it’s never enough, haha.

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