Project BG2, Week 13 – Gas Makes Me Cranky!

June 2, 2011 Project BG2 2

It’s Week 13 for my lil’ BG2 and she is officially 3 months! I can’t believe she’s growing so fast! I want her to be the lil’ bundle of joy I first laid eyes on in the hospital, yet I’m eager to have her grow and learn new things. She realli does light up my life.

She’s been extra fussy and cranky this week, and I’m chalking that up to gas. We started her on rice cereal, just a spoonful in her milk, and it’s taking her awhile to get used to it. She has been spitting up a lot more lately, not all the milk like she used to, but still. I suppose that’s just her system getting used to the cereal. I’m hoping she’ll adjust quickly. She’s still taking in 4oz every 4 hours, but I wish she’d take more in because she does spit a lot out, especially when she burps. Man, that girl’s got a lot of gas, and I feel so bad for her because I know that can be uncomfortable. We’re still using the GasX on her, which helps, and trying to burp her as much as possible. I’m debating whether or not I should call the doctor and see if there’s a problem, because she hasn’t gained any weight in the last week or so, but we’ll see how that goes.

She’s still doing good at night. Some nights she’ll be a bit fussy and it can take her awhile to get to sleep, she fights “the sleep” like nobody’s business! But once she’s out, I pretty much have to set the alarm and wake her up to change and feed her. The Hubbi has been really great about it lately and helping when he can, like mixing the bottles or feeding her before bedtime or in the mornings. I like how we’re such a great team, even though I seriously envy how that man can fall asleep with a quickness!

Oh, I finally dug into the jewelry stash and brought out BG1‘s old anklet and put it on BG2. She looks so cute with it on, and more girly, even though it barely fits around her “cankle”. I’m afraid I’ll have to take it off after a week or two because I don’t want it becoming too tight on her. Also, on Memorial Day, my mom pierced her ears! Poor baby cried like she was being tortured and I got it on video, so I might try to post a clip of it, haha. Now she really looks like a girl. Ah, the pains we go through to look good, haha.

P.S. We went to the zoo on Sunday for my nephew’s birthday and for some reason when we saw the hippos I immediately thought of BG2 (who was with her aunt at the time since I didn’t want to take her to zoo because it was a hot day)! Seeing that big fat hippo with its little chubbi legs just made me think of my lil’ baby, haha, so I kept calling her Baby Hippo or Moto-Moto (from the movie Madagascar) all weekend!

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2 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 13 – Gas Makes Me Cranky!”

  1. Jenn

    Vi, she gets more & more beautiful every single time you post a picture! She is so chunky chunky and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about the gas. A couple of my friends switched to a different kind of Similac, Similac Alimentum and it's REALLY helped their babies. Maybe something to look into?
    My recent post Fun in the SUN on Memorial Day!

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