Project BG2, Week 14 – I Don’t Look Like a Boy, Do I?!?!

June 10, 2011 Project BG2 0

Time for another entry in the Photo Diary already!??! Wow, she just keeps growing!!! I’ve been trying to dress her more “girly” lately since everyone keeps saying she looks like a boy, haha.

There were a few birthdays this week, my brother’s and mine, so it was a nice week for the family. We also bought BG2 a walker, a bit early I know, but she loves to stand up and look around so we thought the walker would be great and she seems to like it just fine for now, although there’s a really funny story I have to tell you all in another post!

She’s been taking the cereal/formula mix a lot better lately and the spit up has since lessened. She’s still a crazi mess when it comes to putting her to sleep, she just can’t seem to fall asleep nicely like other babies, but once she’s out, she’s good to go! Lil’ girl has also been trying her hand at rolling over lately. She’s relali starting to get the hang of it, onli going on her right side though haha, but still can’t seem to get her one arm out from under her just yet. Can’t wait until she fully rolls over, it’s too cute seeing her try though. Looks like I’ll have to start strapping her in when I put her in the swing or watching her more closely when she’s on the bed!

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