Project BG2, Week 15 – You’re Tough, But I Love You

June 16, 2011 Project BG2 0

Well, the weeks keep flying by! BG2 is already 15 weeks, which means she’s rounding out the last week of her 3rd month. So amazing! I swear, this girl drives me crazy sometimes, but I can’t get enough of her.

She’s definitely not your typical easy baby. She’s often fussy, loves to be held, and spits up A LOT! It takes forever and a day to get this girl to calm down enough to go to sleep, and the slightest thing startles her awake. She’s also going through this phase where she screams her head off trying to talk to you, even if you’re right in front of her face, it’s kind of funny though because we often have screaming contests to see who is the loudest (that girl always wins). She’s also a DROOL MONSTER, I really don’t know where it all comes from, but that girl is like a fountain, haha.

But whenever I look into those beautiful eyes I fall in love all over again. Whenever I see her adorable smile, I forget about all the bad times. Whenever I hear that perfect sound of laughter, I wonder what could be better than this?!? Whenever I look at those tiny, super cute hands and feet, I awe at how something can be so tiny, yet so strong. Whenever I get tired of holding you for hours on end because that’s the ONLY way you’ll sleep, I think about how my arms ache for you whenever you’re not around. And whenever we have our little conversations, neither one understanding a word the other says, I always think about the future and how you’ll turn out to be.

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