Project BG2, Week 17 – Where Did All My Hair Go?!?!

June 30, 2011 Project BG2 2

This was a very big week for BG2! Not onli has she been 4 months for a week now, even though it’s officially on Saturday, but BG2 finally got her head shaved.

I know you’re wondering, what the?!?!

Well, as per Asian tradition, we usually shave a baby’s head after a few months so that they get rid of all that hair while in the womb, and grow a new, fuller head of hair. It was a bit more difficult for BG2 than BG1, who was sleeping when we did hers. BG2 was wide awake and it took a good 30 minutes to get her whole head, but I’ll admit, there are still some small patches of hair leftover, haha. The crazy thing is it’s already starting to grow back!

At first, BG2 looked SO weird with a bald head since we were so used to her with hair, but we’re getting used to it and she’s still just as cute. And, after looking back at all her pictures, it’s clear that she had way more hair when she was first born as opposed to recently, which is weird. I mean, I did notice she was shedding, especially when I gave her a bath every day, so I guess it’s a good thing we did it now.

Anyways, I’m also pretty sure she’s started teething as she “nom’s” on anything she can get into her mouth, but she prefers harder, more solid things as opposed to softer stuff.

6.21.11 6.22.11 6.23.11 6.24.11 6.25.11 6.26.11 6.27.11
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2 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 17 – Where Did All My Hair Go?!?!”

  1. Holly

    Oh my gosh, that bald head. You must be kissing it nonstop! So cute. I am your newest follower via the blog hop! I love the blog! Will peek at twitter as well! 😉
    My recent post Your New To-Do List

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