Book Review: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

July 2, 2011 Adult Book Reviews 0 ★★★½

Book Review: Heart of the Matter by Emily GiffinTitle: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
Published by: St. Martin's Press on May 11, 2010
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Bought
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 368
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Tessa Russo is the mother of two young children and the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon. Despite her own mother's warnings, Tessa has recently given up her career to focus on her family and the pursuit of domestic happiness. From the outside, she seems destined to live a charmed life.

Valerie Anderson is an attorney and single mother to six-year-old Charlie--a boy who has never known his father. After too many disappointments, she has given up on romance--and even to some degree, friendships--believing that it is always safer not to expect too much.

Although both women live in the same Boston suburb, the two have relatively little in common aside from a fierce love for their children. But one night, a tragic accident causes their lives to converge in ways no one could have imagined.

In alternating, pitch-perfect points of view, Emily Giffin creates a moving, luminous story of good people caught in untenable circumstances. Each being tested in ways they never thought possible. Each questioning everything they once believed. And each ultimately discovering what truly matters most.

I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin books and I’m to say that this book did not disappoint. I love how this story was told in two points of view, by Tessa & Valarie, as it adds great perspective to the story and how their lives unfold and converge. Honestly, I didn’t think that how they would be tied together would play out the way that it did, but it definitely adds drama to the story and you can see how easily something like this can happen in real life. Their stories intertwine as a result of the accident, a mother’s worst fears, and you really feel for Valarie and sympathize with her story, yet you can also relate to Tessa and see how painful and difficult it is for her as well. Lines are crossed with a couple shocking moments that made me eagerly read on and the romantic/intimate moments, although fleeting, were well written and tastefully done.

I found myself torn between the two women, which made me more understanding of Nick, but still, if this were to happen in my life, being either woman, I don’t know if I would have done what they did. The ending definitely didn’t go as I thought it would, more of a “closing out the plotline”, and it was kind of abrupt, but the story in it of itself was good.

This book is filled with heartfelt moments, troubling lies, and an ending I didn’t expect. You’ll see that running theme is “forgiveness” and you’re left wondering, if you were in a similar situation, how you would handle it. It is definitely a good read and I highly enjoyed it.

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