Project BG2, Week 18 – I Don’t Like Tummy Time

July 7, 2011 Project BG2 0

It’s Week 18 for BG2 and I can finally say that she’s officially 4 months (crazi calendar)!

It was time for the 4 month check up! BG2 is now 16.4 lbs, 24.5 in long, and her head size is 17.5 in. Not exactly where I want her to be for weight, but I have to just take it in strides because she’s happy and alert, and there doesn’t seem to be any problems, so weight really isn’t up to me. I mean her sister was always smaller than her at any given time anyway so I should just be happy she’s gaining weight. We’re slowly upping the bottles to 3 scoops (6oz) w/3 spoons of rice. We also occasionally give her some baby food, but I don’t want to push it too much because I want her to eat as much formula as possible (that is where all the nutrients lie).

What’s been surprising me is how fast this girl’s hair is growing back! I swear BG1‘s hair took FOREVER to grow back, but I saw growth in BG2 after just a couple days?!? Crazi!!!

The doctor did say one side of her head is kind of flat and that’s because she prefers that side for some reason and we always see her on that side or turning that way. We’ve been trying to get her to lay more on the other side and do neck exercises for her, which I hope will help eventually. We’ve also been pushing tummy time with her, although she’s not too happy w/that and we’re left with a BIG puddle of drool on the bed or blanket.

She’s definitely showing us things she likes and doesn’t like. She loves being in her walker, I guess because she’s so nosy she loves being upright and looking around. She can sit in her Bumbo for a few minutes but I don’t think she likes it very much because she fusses easily. She used to really love her swing and fall asleep just fine, enough for us to keep it since I was planning on returning it if she didn’t. But now, she’s barely in it, which sucks because I can’t do anything with it now, ah, kids!

Okay, picture time!

6.29.11 6.30.11 7.1.11 7.2.11 7.3.11 7.4.11 7.5.11
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