Project BG2, Week 20 – Finally Got That Arm Out From Under Me

July 21, 2011 Project BG2 1

Alright! It’s Week 20 for BG2 and that means she’s “5 months”. Time is flying by! Why do they grow so quickly?!?!

BG2 is eating her solids very well and is often seen smacking her lips together oh-so-cutely throughout the day. It’s so funny when she sees her plate of food and a spoon nearing her mouth she opens nice and wide, even if a lot of it ends up being pushed out by her tongue and ending up on her bibs, she still manages to get some in there and always wants more. My lil’ Baby Hippo!

After many episodes of dreaded “tummy time” BG2 has finally managed to pull her arm out from under her whenever she rolls over to her belly. Yes, she would manage it eventually before, but would usually get frustrated and give up. Now, she pulls it out with ease and is seen pushing her lil’ tush with her legs signaling that crawling is right around the corner. Sigh…she’ll be mobile before you know it.

She sits up pretty steady nowadays, with the occasional tipping over, and even while laying down she usually pulls her head up with her neck, signaling that she wants to sit or be held. That girl is so curious and a future busybody!

Life with BG2 is pretty routine now. She usually wakes up around 7am, just lays there and talks to herself (loudly) until we wake up and notice her. Then The Hubbi makes her breakfast and I feed her. After that it’s playtime, diaper change, bottle, nap & repeat throughout the day until around 7-8pm when it’s bathtime. She loves splashing around she’s getting pretty squirmy so I might have to readjust my bathing techniques with her! After that it’s bottle and bedtime. It’s still a challenge getting her to fall asleep, but once she’s out, she’s good for the night!

Love her!

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